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Could use some knowledge!

10 posts in this topic



Good, you paying attention? Awesome! Alright I'll just make it short and sweet. Currently I've gotten a new computer and I'm looking for some games great games to play. Now I'm open to all ideas and suggestions so think of this kinda as a "Your Top 10 games list". If you also wanna put down descriptions about why you like the game and suggest it that'd be awesome too. Thanks!


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I'm sure you'll get more than enough answers, but you really should try to specify what you're looking for more.

Are you interested in old classics? Do you want games that would bask in the power of your new fancy pc over ones that have dated graphics (not that that is a bad or shallow thing, but when you have a brand new pc, it's a bit of a waste not to see what it can do right?), Do you hate any genres? fighting games? JRPGs, racing games, puzzle? Do you really like them all equally?

Are you one of those people who refuse to play a game that is fan-translated instead of officially translated? Even if people feel the quality is fine? Are you absolutely phobic about anime girls like so many pc gamers seem to be? Do you like hard games? easy games? dont' care games? Do you like trying to get platinum trophies with everything?


I can go on and on. I'd answer your question directly but I prefer giving answers I am confident will be appreciated as much as possible =P

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First 10 games that came up to my mind 1.Bioshock trilogy 2. Metro : redux 3. Guild Wars2 4.Divinity: original sin 5.Endless Legend 6. Shadow of Mordor 7.Borderlands2 GOTY 8.Fallout (all of them) 9. Wasteland 2 10. F.E.A.R. 1 +2

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skyrim legendary edition. buy on steam.



However the game gets boring after 1st or 2nd playthrough so if you got a PC, start modding.


Here is my list of favorite games, it includes MP and SP games.


1. Skyrim (Open world game with tons of content and things to do set in a fantasy universe)

2. Fallout New Vegas (Same like Skyrim just set in a post apocalyptic universe)

3. Crysis games (First person shooters, very good story and really fun gameplay. 1st one personally is my best)

4. Guild Wars 2 (MMORPG, buy 2 play and well it's one of the better MMORPGs if you dont wanna pay monthly)

5. Battlefield 3 (Really good online first person shooter with vehicle and infantry combat)

6. Fallout 2 (very old but gold, similar to Fallout New Vegas)

7. Prototype 1 &  2 (extremely fun games and very underrated. Basically you are infected by a virus which gives you powerful abilities like running on buildings, gliding, shapeshiftting etc)

8. Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light (very atmospheric FPS games with great story and gameplay)

9. The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us (basically it's QTE type of games with really good storylines where every decision impacts your story and gameplay)



I don't know, I will add more games over time when  I remember some.

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Congrats on getting a new computer, but can you tell us what games you currently have? It'll be kind of pointless if we recommend games that you already played if you played them on a game console.

Here's my recommendations, all fun and great games, plus pretty recent:

1) Sleeping Dogs

2) Deus Ex Human Revolution

3) Farcry 3, 4 if you want but 3 is much better

4) Telltale Walking Dead & Wolf Among Us

5) Darkest Dungeon

6) Hand of Fate

7) Shadow of Mordor

8) Alien Isolation

9) Any Resident Evil games if you are open minded about the different genres, except Operation Racoon City which is just horrible

10) The Banner Saga

11) Republique

12) Bioshock Infinite

13) Batman Arkham series

14) LA Noire

15) the Stanley Parable

16) Double Dragon Neon

17) Portal 1 & 2

18) One Finger Death Punch

19) Life is Strange

20) Elder Scrolls Skyrim

21) Shovel Knight

22) Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

23) Dying Light

And if you just want a laugh, look at this game. Don't buy it.

The game speaks for itself.

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I'm just going to throw some of my favourite games up for you:

-Mass Effect Trilogy: amazing story and character development with solid gunplay

-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is probably the best star wars game and an amazing rpg

-spec ops: the line is an extremely under rated 3rd person shooter that tries to deal with serious issues and does glorify war like call of duty. Just the opposite

-Mount and Blade Warband is a sandbox rpg set in a fictional medieval world where your goal is to either help an existing faction win or create your own

-XCOM:enemy unknown + within is an amazing tactical game where you fight off alien invaders

-Dragon age Inquisition is awesome and can take you a long time. My first playthrough without doing all side quests and operations took around 72 hours

-medieval 2 total war: my favourite of the series and has great mods

-Deus ex: human revolution was just really cool with its upgrade system and stealth. Story was good too.

-the Metro Series: amazing atmosphere and fun gameplay. Play on Ranger difficulty for the best experience

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Well my personal 10 suggestions are:


(Not in particular order, well just the first one is my number one in everything)


1.- Dota 2 (I have a problem… Dotka is 2 addictive)


2.- Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Fun to play, very challenging)


3.- Witcher series (1-2, I’m still waiting for Wild Hunt)


4.-Transistor (Very beautiful graphics and gameplay owo)


5.- Super Meat Boy (Die and live :D)


6.- Guild Wars 2


7.- Rock of Ages


8.- Metro: Redux


9.- GTA 5


10.- Shadow of Mordor (Nemesis system... sooooooooooooooo good :D)

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As odd as it seems to say I would recommend Hearthstone, if you do not have the time or desire to play a shooter or RPG then a quick round can always be fun.

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  1. Bastion (Fun gameplay, excellent writng and music, and all set in a beautiful world)
  2. Valdis Story (An excellent metroidvania style game. Great options and character upgrades to play the way you want, different playable characters, challenging boss battles, and a great artstlye)
  3. Mark of the Ninja (The most enjoyable stealth game I've played)
  4. Wasteland 2 (Good writing, good gameplay. Some great quest design where certain actions could lead to unexpected, though logical, results. Currently being updated to further improve graphics)
  5. Divinity Original Sin (Another game with fun gameplay and great writing. Even better if you have someone to play it with in co-op)
  6. Shovel Knight (Great Mega Man style platformer)
  7. Darkest Dungeon (Still in early access but has a lot of content. Great art work, mechanics, and gameplay)
  8. Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut (Well written, great characters, and good gameplay)
  9. XCOM Enemy Unknown + Enemy Within + Long War mod (A better and longer XCOM)
  10. Endless Legend/Endless Space (Great turn based strategy games with a fantasy or space theme depending on which one you play)

I can easly recommend about 100 but those were some of the first that came to mind. I also recommend Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 to anyone who wants to try out grand strategy games.

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