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Path of Exile is back!!! [Event]

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Hello Ladies and Gents,  B) 


It is time for some Path of Exile goodness.


What is Path of Exile? Should I play it? skip to The Event if you understand that its the shiz 

Its an Action RPG, best game of its genre. Playstyle is similar Diablo 2

Game Pros:

* Free to play 100%. Even games like League of Legends or Smite, would be considered Pay to Win compared to PoE

* On top 10 free games on steam

* No region lock. Play with friends from anywhere in the world on the same server.

* Fun to play/good game

* Very very high character customization. You can build your own passive skills, active spells - play whatever you like.

* Can build your own "guild house" like area and share it with your friends.



* Brains are required to play the game. The game will punish you for mistakes you make building your char or letting your guard down in combat.

* Party limitation to 6 players.

* Hard to get into, because of very deep customization mechanic. But I'm here to help!

* No char visual customization, you just pick one out of 7 classes.


The Event


It basically is a speedrun of the game. Everyone starts @ lvl 1 and tries to complete the achievements. 


The events start at the following times and last for one month:

  • Pacific Time: 10am, Tuesday March 24
  • Central European Time: 6pm, Tuesday March 24
  • New Zealand Time: 6am, Wednesday March 25

Teamspeak is highly recommended


I will be making a poll for that. But I expect that we will play SC since there are not too many experienced AJSA players in POE.

The event is organized by the game Developers. I am turning it into AJSA event, meaning we will have 1 or several parties running together as AJSA team and climbing the ranks of the ladder. This event contains prizes(check details). The primary goal will be just to have fun, hand out after work and try climbing the ladder as high as possible. Not to mention that you can win the awesome looking armor effect :)

Depending on the amount of players interested, I might be hosting additional events like AJSA 3v3 pvp tournaments or 1v1. After the 1 mounth event ends, there will be a huge update to the game, releasing Act 4, so I will keep playing with you guys if any will be interested. I just cant wait... :)

Details here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1218688


If you are interested - Be sure to register. We will make teams, prior to the event.

We need all player types ( Fire, Cold, Lightning, Physical, Tanks, Archers, Debuffers, Buffers)


I will be playing Fire based Templar



If you need any help, even if you are a complete noob and just want to have some fun with us I WILL HELP YOU. Pm me on forums or TS, i can make you a build explain all the basic, help u pratice.

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I should be able to be there. I guess i'll go with a physical duelist as usual.
Don't know about the game mode, i don't play PoE since last event so maybe softcore is better but i remember being a little boring compared to hardcore.
Anyway i'll redownload the game tonight and i will likely be online at least a couple of hours around 10 pm CET.

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Damm, that's... 12 AM here. Still log into my char from time to time just for the sake of grinding thirst. The hardcore without random bosses like the previous events seem no harder than softcore I think.


Too bad the time is a bit....

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