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New incredible wrestling show found : Lucha Underground. WWE and TNA can suck it!

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Let's be real for now fans of wrestling. WWE and TNA are the 2 most commonly known wrestling shows on now, and they currently fucking sucks. WWE fucked up Royal Rumble, though the triple threat championship match was awesome, and the upcoming Wrestlemania is probably one of the worst ever. TNA, I don't even want to know what's going on there.


Those that wants to find an alternative to these 2 can rest easy, I have found one show that kicks these 2's asses: Lucha Underground.




This show is badass. Most of the wrestlers here are high flying masked luchadores who gives their all and fly all over the ring. Observe this match with John Morrisson and one really cool guy, Richocet, or Prince Puma.


And more recently, Grave Concequences. A BRUTAL casket match where the wrestlers fight their ass off, and even use the casket as a weapon!



Plus there's also one crazy ass elimination match called Aztec Warfare. Basically a Royal Rumble esque match but instead of eliminating foes by throwing people out of the ring, here it's either pinfall or submission. And it's WAAYY better than Royal Rumble.


Watch the rest here.




Enjoy the carnage. Muahahahaha!

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i dont think that WWE ruined the Royal Rumble i like Roman Reigns and i think he deservs the push, it seems only the American Fans didnt like him winning the Royal Rumble.

Lucha underground is very intense i see, nice.

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The latest match of Lucha Underground was..... Absolutely incredible. A battle royale where every single wrestlers do insane stuff left and right. And one of the move is what I can describe as "69ing a bear while strapping a dog's body behind your back." It has to be seen for yourself.


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