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We shall defend Joe!!!

26 posts in this topic

Joe is perfectly capable of handling himself. If you want to make your opinions on this known you are welcome to do so, but we expect our members to do so in a respectful intelligent way. We don't ever want to see anything like this

I say we got ot war and put out our opinion and support for Joe on every Youtube Channel and fucking Troll out there that Insults Joe and calls him Names. I think we should fight back!

No organized efforts to go around commenting on people's posts or videos, no declarations of war with people. This community is for people to make friends and to play and discuss games and the gaming industry, we aren't here to be blind raging fanboys of Joe ready to declare war on all those who don't like him, nor are we here to fan the flames in internet youtube/forum drama.

Im not saying that whe should insult somebody or stuff like that, just defending him in a good manner and showing how Glorious the AJSA is.

I will thank you for saying that, as we have had threads like this in the past with people saying we should all troll videos that insult Joe, but we don't need any kind of organized effort to post in threads or comment sections, not even when created with the best of intentions.


Many of the people and videos complaining aren't people whose minds are going to be changed anyway, many are in it just to gain exposure for themselves or because of a dislike of Joe (or youtubers in general in some cases). In some cases I've noticed a lot of the people I've seen complaining on twitter haven't even watched Joe's video. When a lot of the complaints are in the style of, "Joe should be happy he was given the privileged to show Nintendo's content at all," and, "Joe did this whole thing knowing that people would make hour+ long videos complaining about him and he would be covered by news sites for some reason and that would make him more money and is a scam artist." Those people are making themselves look really bad by going into fanboy mode with Nintendo or with blind hatred of Joe/youtubers, and making organized efforts to post on all their videos and declaring war on them is going to make us look just as bad, if not worse.

Sure, I like his content but I surely won't stoop into blind fanboy or bootlicker territory.

And, honestly, that's how we like it.

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