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Apex Spartan

The River King...Lmao Riot, really?

12 posts in this topic


In Season 5, we got a new jungle camp on the river...The Rift Scuttler




And guess who Riot decides to release as the new champion? Tahm Kench, the River King.





"Looks like Scuttler's daddy." Yeap, I agree.





Well anyways, you guys seen the abilities LOL?



So I can basically swallow my teammate and just...like, carry him around? Now I can LITERALLY carry my ADC on lane. #justapexpuns


Well anyways, his ult apparently allows him to "teleport" or just come out of the ground anywhere on the map, or maybe it's a long range ultimate, but anyways...you guys see the problem?


As someone said in the comments:

Adc: Hey where are you ulting me?

River king: Red team fountain bitch!



So anyways, he is a solo laner but can also be played as support. Besides the fact that he is ugly as crap and looks like the ultimate troll champ, it still looks pretty fun and we might be able to pull off nice plays.




Your thoughts?

baronrouker likes this

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Looks like Teemo has some competition for most annoying champion in LOL!  

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TO me it looks like vel'koz got some competition for rule 34. 

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Well, there will certainly be trolls rushing to this champion, expecting the same kind of team killing potential Bard has clearly shown. Problem?

Tahm's ability to transport his teammates is entirely voluntary, and the other player must be willing to jump with Tahm before teleporting. At least that's how it works for his ulti, not so sure about the ability that allows you to swallow your teammates. 

Either way, trolls? Most definitely. Team-killing? Far less likely, unless the Tahm player is a massive a-hole.

laidbackmarco likes this

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I am glad we are seeing a support champion though being a support main and all. . . but honestly I see myself trolling my friends with this guy perhaps his ult should show and omw ping like pantheons so you know where he is going?

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Yeah, from all the gameplays I've seen there's a ping right as Tahm starts his trip, also known as...


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Fun stuff! I can't wait to run this in a duo lane!!

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This champs seems to look very special, but he seems to be a bad ass support. I even once saw one doing a 1 on 1 with a fed Yasuo at baron and winning :D


But like Kalistas Ulti it can be very confusing, if you got suddenly swallowed and spit somewhere else :o

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I think this champion has a very interesting concept and is in a very good spot right now, perhaps too good. Tahm Kench has some unique (and nerve wrecking for his enemies) abilities. I do think that he needs to be toned down a bit, due to his damage being very high post lvl6 if played as a support, mostly due to the fact thats his damage after lvl6 scales with his health, which is what you commonly build with him.

He is, however, countered by the long range of champions such as Caitlyn and Jinx, and also by the CC of champions such as Thresh, Nautilus and Leona.

The abilty to emidiatly swallow allies without a serious downside other than the fact that the ability goes on CD, is a bit too strong imo. A Tahm Kench needs to know if it is safe to swallow a minion for some poke and damage, go aggresive and try to disable and damage an enemy champion or save the ability to get some teammate out of trouble and reposition them.

As a jungler his first clears are fairly weak and slow thus resulting in an early recall (similar to Rengar and Ekko). His ganks can be very powerfull if the set up for them is well executed.

As a top laner, he is decent pre 6 but once he reaches that lvl6 mark he will start doing tons of damage with his autos, Q, the %max health damage on his W and the safety of his E.

His W can be used as a wave clear and poke, it deals more damage than expected.

Overall I think Tahm Kench is a very unique champion that has some very interesting characteristics and is fun to play. I do play him from time to time and I find his kit/charatcer enjoyable to play.


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