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is no one playing planetside 2 anymore

5 posts in this topic

so i recently got a new pc with a lot of power to run any game so I want to play planetside 2 agine and I got back to the ajsa teamspeak and there nobody who's playing planetside 2. so is there nobody the play's it anymore

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There are still people who play it, but the game is not supported within this community any more. I myself (along with a few other old PS2 players) am still playing it, although with our old allied outfit TRAF at TS3.trafoutfit.com.

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Used to play it but quickly grew bored with they game, there simply wasn't a good reason for me to keep taking the same places over and over again.

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I know command is kinda letting it simmer for a bit. Alot of us got tired of how unbalanced the game was with the devs only focusing on H1Z1 at the time. I heard recently that they did improve the balance a little bit

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Yeah, that was why the second campaign got called to a halt; the game experienced high ping and frequent pugs during that time, but that was in February/March. Know the game is again in a good place and the devs are pushing some further game mechanics down the line, so that's something to look forward to. But  as of right now the AJSA does not feature PS2 as an Official or Unofficial game.

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