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Concerning The Division Review

5 posts in this topic

I probably should have written this days ago, though I was hoping I wouldn't have to.


I'm generally a strong supporter of the show and AJ. Both me and my wife will recommend his reviews to others, since she works as a manager at Gamestop. Yesterday I finally finished watching the uploaded recording of Joe's marathon on Twitch with the game and to be honest, I wish I had been present during it. (I was too busy playing the game myself at the time)


First I just want to say that I like Delrith, but I have to agree with Joe that the relentless rushing was ridiculous. I mean, yeah, I get it but at the same time when you're intent on doing a legitimate review for a game that approach is just...bad. I found myself having to struggle with the fact that what I was watching was just a recording and I had literally no means of conveying my thoughts/anger/help at the time. (Like there were a few times where Joe was having trouble figuring something out. I flipped shit on the chat each time. "Quit shitting on the damn game and HELP Joe for Christ sake!" =/ ) I mean without a doubt, the overall experience of the game was ruined for Joe because of it. That was it. THAT was his first time experience with it, just a huge race to the finish.

I personally played through the entire game on solo. I was level 30 by the time I did the final mission, as I had done literally every other Encounter and Side Mission available prior to it. I also had my Base of Operations fully maxed out as well.


After watching those hours he spent on Twitch, its glaringly obvious that we had two totally different experiences. While he felt bored, I felt engaged. And its not as simple as saying he can just go and 100% everything afterwards, because why would any of that matter to you AFTER you have already done everything? I found the characters they introduced to be interesting. Unlike Destiny, I actually remember NPCs. I enjoyed building up my Base of Operations, choosing upgrades based upon what I would consider "priority" for the people there instead of my skills. (Its just more of those RPG elements that they included) I became invested in the game's setting and had fun exploring the buildings and using my lockpicks to open up secret areas inside of these completely random apartment complexes or warehouses that were off the beaten trail.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I'm worried that the review for the game will be negatively impacted because of Joe being rushed through. I mean case in point, when answering someone the next day about whether or not the game was worth getting, Joe's response was that it depends on how bored you are... =/


And yes, I understand he's just one reviewer and its all just his own personal opinion, but you need to think about the impact opinions can have on others.


Should the game be faulted for not having enough enemy diversity? Each time this kept being brought up, Joe would always make reference that there aren't any aliens and that he prefers more of the sci-fi genre. Now I keep seeing a flood of this same opinion, and it annoys the hell out of me. What wasn't diverse about the enemies? Seriously, there's only so much you can do within the confines of reality. Does this mean there shouldn't be any games based in reality anymore? You might think that question ridiculous but what is more absurd is how many times people have answered yes to me... -_-

Rioters? Normal thugs, didn't expect anything super duper about them from the get go. Rikers? Basically more pumped up and aggressive version of the Rioters. The Cleaners? That was where the diversity began to really show itself for me. I mean case in point, I could sneak up and shoot the gas tank on one of them to cause an explosion that would instant kill that guy and hurt the other nearby enemies, taking them off guard. Not to mention their whole cult mentality where they're attempting to purge the city of the virus by turning everyone and everything to ash. The LMB was a whole other kettle of fish, especially when you encountered those guys using Division Tech.


Matchmaking for literally everything in the game is great, but I have to say...playing The Division with others kinda ruins it. Like I said, I tried playing with others through Hard mode on previous missions and it was SUPER friggen easy. Like, we're talking finishing the final mission on Hard in under 20 minutes. Though, those Daily Missions are legit hardcore. Holy crap, it was like running the Nightfall back on Destiny. So the PvE definitely still offers you a challenge. I'll be honest, I've spent more time doing stuff outside of the Dark Zone. Which isn't to say that the Dark Zone is bad, I absolutely love it. Open World PvP is the best and its definitely intense. Especially when you score yourself some epic loot and then it becomes a matter of survival and stealth to sneak the goods out with extraction, trying NOT to get caught by both enemies or other players.


I still intend to watch through the rest of the past broadcasts on the Twitch channel, so maybe I'm just worried for nothing. Maybe his opinion will take a more positive turn. I don't know, I just kept getting this vibe from him that he was just hating on it or being overly harsh. I'm not saying the game is perfect, but calling it "Average"? 5/10? (Which would be Average on Joe's rating scale) Why do we have to be so cynical? You know there's a difference between being critical about a game and just being negative. If we're going to say its average, what are we comparing it to? If we are going to say there wasn't enough diversity in enemies, what are some examples to illustrate this point? If you're going to say its boring then explain what could be done so that its not.


I'm a Halo fanboy through and through, but at no point in time did I ever disagree with Joe on anything he said that was wrong with Halo 5 because he was being constructive with his criticism. He had a problem with the Master Chief vs. Locke fight and he gave examples of how it could have been done better just as with everything else that he found fault with the game. THAT IS EXCELLENT. That's one of the reasons I always tell people the Angry Joe Show is the best place to get game reviews. But this time was different, I didn't feel like he was giving enough reasoning for WHY he felt the way he did about this game.


And on a side note, the nonsense going on in the chat was just as frustrating. It was like this toxic cloud of hatred being spewed forth treating this game like it was utter garbage, not a single damn good thing to be said about it. I'm sure it has everything to do with the recent string of bad and disappointing games that have been getting released over the past couple of years, but dude... The gaming community has developed this almost poisonous attitude where literally nothing can ever be good. Maybe its just me who sees that, though. I must just have shitty luck and horrible timing that I always end up finding myself either coming across it on the internet or listening to it while I'm out and about.


In the game's current state, I would say its at least a 7/10. Its clearly missing content still which will be getting added soon for free, so there's plenty of possibility there for that score to improve. (Score for the base game sold at $60)


For anyone who has beaten the game and done that "Unknown Signal" mission that unlocks after the final campaign mission, you can see how they have it setup for them to do practically ANYTHING with this franchise now. There is loads of potential here. I haven't done the season pass for this game because its not from a trusted developer, personally. (Example, I'll totally get the DLC/Expansion/Season Pass for any games from CD Projekt Red, Bethesda and BioWare cause those guys are in my "Trusted Developer" list) I'm waiting to see what else they add to the vanilla version of The Division. (The non-DLC required content)


So yeah, anyways, just wanted to voice my concerns.

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Delrith played Destiny, a console exclusive shooter designed for a controller with a mouse and keyboard. Then he blamed the game's aim assist for him being unable to get headshots....

In the same way that Joe is not a MLG Pro circuit player, Delrith is no reviewer.

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It's a reasonable concern, who you are playing with and if you are playing a game in the manner you would want have to influence your opinion even subconsciously remembering those experiences.


Though, in this game's case, the more time I spent with it and from taking the time to explore I ended up only thinking less of the characters, factions, base building, and environment. Playing the game alone he may have only gotten an even more negative opinion about certain things.

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True enough, Legolas. Though, at least in that situation I feel it would have been a more reasonable response for him without having those other factors involved.


From my own group of friends and associates, I've come to the conclusion that The Division is one of those "hit or miss" type of games. Its aiming for a certain kind of audience. 7/10 was our overall conclusion of it for a variety of reasons. Joe wasn't wrong when he said the story was weak, like those Intel bits you unlock for doing the missions. Especially the Virus Reports, they began to seem like they were just repeating the same information over and over. And the Missing Agents, it would have been nice to maybe get like an Echo or maybe a recording in the form of a cutscene that showed how they died and such.

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I agree with OP, how can rushing through a game be considered a fair review? By the time you harshly grind through you're beat mentally and physically and the game isn't fun at that point. This review play through became a job that you just want to finish for the sake of finishing. Ferris Beuler said it best, "If you don't stop and looking around, you might miss it." I don't care what the context was, but if you can't slow down for your own mind's sake you're just going to miss what's there. I can hear Joe going on about repetitiveness already as well, but when isn't a game repetitive unless it's a story driven RPG...hell the combat in Witcher 3 was repetitive.

I could go on and on with my version of a review but that's just my point, Joe's review has impact and it's more than likely going to sway all the potentials. Just sad if they miss out on a fun game that differs even if slightly, than all other shooters.


Allow me to revise this a little as it was more along the lines of my thoughts on the matter. I'm hoping OP is right and Joe isn't influenced by Delrith's competitive shooter fiend mentality. Although, the play through has already been deeply influenced because Joe would not have done it so fast if it wasn't for Del. Granted the story content is rather weak, tedious grinding will only end in misery and it feels unfair to the game.

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