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AJSA PlanetSide 2 (PS4) Outfit - Vanu Sovereignty

7 posts in this topic

I am trying to piece together an AJSA Outfit for Planetside 2.

The Outfit wld be for European players of Planetside 2 on the PS4. The faction we are using wld be Vanu Sovereignty. The plan is to then have regular events (one a week) where we could all meet up and play together and eventually if enough people joined and regularly turned up we could see about adding the event to the calendar section of the AJSA site in order to bring in even more people. I am happy to host these events as I have alot of free time at the moment and intend to get stuck back into Planetside 2 alot this year (2016) and feel that this is a game that is best enjoyed with other team mates. Ideally you will have a mic to better communicate during gameplay but dont worry if u dont. :) 

If any European players of Planetside 2 on the PS4 are interested in joining such an outfit please reply to this message and let me know :)

Just leave the following information in your reply.

Your PSN username:

Your Planetside 2 Username:

Whether or not you have a Mic: 



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I didn't really get into PS2 but if there is a regular event I know i'll be able to join I will more than likely join. My FPS of choice is BF4 but I have no problems with PS2.

Don't remember if my PS2 username is different from my PSN name so if a group comes together I'll get that info.

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kl kl :) Whilst I am waiting for more people to enlist to arrange a proper weekly 'EVENT' day, I will still be playing PS2 regularly each and every day/night for the foreseeable future so if u can find that info out (your PS2 username) I shall add u to our PS2 Outfit so that we can atleast run together whenever you are available to join me whilst we wait for more people to arrange the official weekly Event night. I'll add u to PSN now :). I'll keep adding individuals from the AJSA to our Outfit to play as and when we are online with eachother and then once we have atleast 4-5 members who have played regularly with eachother then I shall arrange a proper Event night (same day and time each week) where we can all meet up and play together regularly + try to grow the Outfit even larger. Once we have a regular 10+ members of the outfit and have been running the Event night for atleast a few months with regular attendance I can then request the Event be added to the AJSA Calendar which will be sure to bring in ALOT more people. I have to wait to do this tho until I can prove firstly that I am reliable enough to host the Event regularly on the same Day/Time per week and that there is enough of a demand for this Event in order to be taken seriously enough to get this Event added to the AJSA calendar. 


The more individuals who join up with the Outfit at the beginning stages the more likely that we can make the weekly Event and AJSA Calendar status a reality and I shall be sure to keep in mind who were first to sign up when it comes to Squad Leader promotions as our numbers grow :P Players of ALL skill levels are welcome, I am just getting back into the swing of things myself after a lengthly break from PS2. As I am subbed to PS2 atm (and intend to resub down the line) all AJSA members who join this Outfit/my squad will get the benefits of double EXP, I shall also be purchasing various other Boosts to EXP/Resources fairly often so again you will be able to get these benefits, not to mention I understand that EXP boosts are stacked if there are multiple subbed members in a squad. 

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VS eh? Sure, I'll play a bit. :) 


Your PSN username:ProdiGY_DE

Your Planetside 2 Username: ProdiGYVS (most likely, if we are going to play VS)

Whether or not you have a Mic: I have a mic, but just the standard earbud thing. So...it might not be good... -_-

Edited by ProdiGY_DE
I forgot to add important shit

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ok thats kl so we got 3 members, already then :) - I think I'm going to just start the weekly 'Event' from this week just to begin being consistent with when we all meet up to play plus then that allows me to focus my Planetside 2 gameplay more on the Event day to free up my other time a bit. 

The weekly Planetside 2 Event will commence from this week on Saturday 23rd April at 18:30. It will be consistently then EVERY Sat at 18:30 unless circumstances change in which case I shall post an update on this forum. I have contacted what I believe to be the relevant personnel in regards to having the event added to the calendar, although I suspect that there are some minimum requirements our Event/Outfit have to pass before this can become a reality. 

Prior to the Planetside 2 Event make sure u have the game installed, and dig out your microphone if u own one.  Also add me to your PSN friends and send me a message on the PS4 with your Planetside 2 Username so I can add u as a friend ingame and send you an invite into the Outfit. I'll send out Party invites before the event and we shall talk there rather than ingame as I feel the Party system works better for communication. 


(I will also be starting a Rocket League event for PS4 owners - both European and American will be welcome) Stay tuned I shall post a link to this event below.


The Rocket League Event will occur EVERY week (unless circumstances change) at 18:30 on a Friday (the first event being this week on the 22nd of April. Again just add me as a PSN friend (my PSN name is listed under my AJSA name when I post on here) and I'll send u the Party invites. You will then need to log onto rocket league and find private match, in the name you will need to type AJSA and the password should also be AJSA. (If for any reason I have to set up the lobby with a different name/password I'll let u guys know via the party chat). 

Remember for the Planetside 2 Event u need to be  European  but for the Rocket League event both Americans and Europeans can play together on the same servers so all r welcome, you just need to own Rocket League for the PS4, also having a mic wld be ideal so if u own one dig it out :) - Spread the word as much as u can and hopefully we shall have a gd turn out :) 

Depending on the success of these events other weekly events may follow :P 

* Once u have added me as a PSN friend just drop me a message to let me know you are from the AJSA and which event u want to be a part of so I know who to send party invites to during the event! :P 

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Week 5 completed. Next Event 21/05/16 at 18:30 :) - If u r interested in seeing the previous Events footage feel free to send me a PM on here and I'll send u a link to my Twitch channel/Youtube Gaming channel :) 

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Due to renewed interest I should hopefully be restarting this event this week - will keep u informed of the details shortly :) 

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