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Arin Meyvalian

Games and Whiskey!

4 posts in this topic

Good Day all!

My very first topic (I hope is gonna go well!!!!!!!!!) and I wanted to share a little thing I've been wondering for a bit now!

I recently watched the Angry Review of XCOM and XCOM 2 and that made me think! HMM!!  <_<  I have never played this games and I'm wondering if they would be good options for a general relaxing gaming time with a nice glass of whiskey (no ice off course... as straight as they come!). I remember the good old day of playing MIST, taking my sweet time, pouring a glass or two and really relax! Some well deserved "ME TIME" with my girlfriend maybe watching her favourite series on TV downstairs.

With Civ V I got very close, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I understand XCOM is maybe a bit more action oriented, but ....  is it a good "Whiskey friendly" option? And keep in mind I don't plan on getting drunk any time soon (I already did that once with World of Warcraft during a raid and it was hysterical, but I became useless veeeeery fast). Just a simple relaxing glass of "Nectar of the Gods" after work! :)

Any suggestions, opinions, choices of "what Whiskey goes better with which game" (I'm more of a Single Malt Irish Whiskey type of person) for PC games would be more than welcome! B)


Thanks guys! And KEEP IT SEXY!

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Well, XCOM is turn based so you can always take as long as you want. But it can be somewhat more stressful than Civ V. As in the game says you have a 98% chance to hit, but you miss instead and now that soldier you became attached to for the last 7 missions is dead for good. Then reloading the previous save over and over becomes addicting and next thing you know you spent over an hour trying to land 1 shot.

On the other hand however, you can get a mission and carve your way through it like a chainsaw through paper whilst enjoying every second. It's hit and miss in a literal sense. Being able to customize individual soldiers is fun as you can make yourself or your friends in game. See them do well, or fall heroically in a close battle only to be remade as a new character.


I would recommend the game in general to just about anyone with an ounce of patience. But would also advise maybe watching some of the game play from someone on twitch just to have a better idea of what you'll be dropping into and the general pacing of a typical battle.

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Thanks for the reply Oreyn

well... patience I have alot so I'll give XCOM a shot for sure.... so for what you are telling me, two glasses of whiskey will not be enough!   guess I'll have to carry the entire bottle with me!  I was watching the reactions Angry Joe and Other Joe were having in their video and it looks like is going to be very frustrating and at the same time a pure pleasure to play. 

I think I'll go with a Scotch instead of a Whiskey.... maybe some Rhum!!!!  

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Anything turn based would be good for sipping to, but I would recommend an RPG over a strategy game .  If you have a PlayStation (2, 3, 4 or Vita) Final Fantasy X would be perfect.  It's turn based so you can take as much time as you want, there are some goofy cut scenes to laugh at and there is is enough stimulation in the combat to keep you awake.


On 5/4/2016 at 6:04 PM, Arin Meyvalian said:

I think I'll go with a Scotch instead of a Whiskey....


Excellent choice! For me Scotch Whiskey is the real slim shady, all the others are just imitating!

Arin Meyvalian likes this

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