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Apex Spartan

Post the best Steam review you find!

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Alright, so I was browsing Steam and I wanted to check some games I planned to buy in future so I checked them out, including the Steam reviews. While I think Steam reviews are actually a good idea when you check the "Overall: Mostly positive" which means most people rated it good and the game is probably good, but it's a whole other story when you actually read the reviews, but honestly I freakin' love them!


So if you browse reviews often or you stumble upon a good or funny review, feel free to screen it and don't forget to post the name of the game it's for


Anyway, I'll start with first one



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Now do you mean reviews that are intended to be funny?

Or reviews that are more "funny-facepalm."

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37 minutes ago, Verethragna said:

Now do you mean reviews that are intended to be funny?

Or reviews that are more "funny-facepalm."

Both :P

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Alright then. Don't know if it will amuse as much as it did me the first time.


From a review of FF Type-0: http://steamcommunity.com/id/excruciate/recommended/340170/

"Much better than the awful 13, 13-2, and the god awful Lightning Returns, but still not very good. It feels nothing like a FF game and having such an insane amount of characters to have to worry about keeping leveled up just sucks. The quest system and how you get/do missions sucks too. What was wrong with FF12? Why stop using that system when 12 is regarded by tons of fans as the best FF game ever? Why do so many FF games blow so hard? Because Square sucks, that's why."


Too many characters to keep leveled? (FF6)

FF12, the best FF ever? (FF6/7)

Questioning why it has a different system from any other FF before? (Every FF ever)


Almost like the reviewer never played a Final Fantasy before.

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