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AJSA LoL Mentor Program

8 posts in this topic


This month marks the start of the AJSA League of Legends mentor program. To sign up for the program just respond to this thread if you already posted your player info here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/35841-ajsa-lol-player-information-thread/ . If you haven’t put your information there, and want to sign up, I need your rank, role(s), what you can teach, and what you want to learn.

Once you sign up here, I will look at your past 10 games to determine your baseline numbers for CS/min, KDA, GPM, team objective share, vision control, and win rate. I will glance over your past 20 games for a larger sample of your current role(s) and champion pool. I will then assign you a mentor and/or “student”. If you are a high skill level player already, there is a chance you will end up with two students and no mentor. Lower skill level players may not get a student, but will also not have more than one mentor.


Just for extra incentive to improve, or help someone else improve, the student who improves the most by September 18, 2016, and their mentor, will receive a 1380 RP code. “Most improved” will be determined from increases in rank, win rate, CS/min, KDA, GPM, vision control and objective share along with successful introductions of new champions and roles.


Most of the final values will be the average of your last 5 games' stats. Win rate, champion pool and role introduction will taken from the last 10 games. Your improvement will be determined from the delta of your baseline and final values. To decrease the chance of stat manipulation, the time I take final stats will be kept hidden from participants. My suggestion is just play as much as possible to increase your stats. 


There were will be special weights on certain stats for different roles. Jungler will have a 1.5x for jungle monsters in ally jungle and 2.0x for monsters in the enemy jungle. Jungler lane CS will have a 0.5x weight. Supports will receive 2.0x value for warding/dewarding, will have 1.5x value for assists, and will receive 2.0x the value for dragons taken before 20min. These weights should offset the wealth of stats the other three roles would get in a game and give supports and junglers a better shot at winning.

Good luck out there, and I hope to see the whole group sign up for this. 

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I'd like to participate as well, but I can't start until next Tuesday, because I'm currently in Germany. Other than that, I'll try and put a lot into this event.

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Yo, I'd like to sign up as well, but do not look at any of my games past past labout 15-16. The rest of the games have been me on tilt and trying a lot of wack stuff with Rengar (Different builds, masteries, rune pages, etc) that that is why my win rate is pretty bad. 

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I'll sign up for this. Can mentor adc/support/mid mainly. I play a bit of top/jungle too but not as often.


-Senpai Corea

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