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What do you think about MGS V: Ground Zeroes being separated from The Phantom Pain?

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Well, it should be pretty clear with that title, but still I think I should precise a bit.

So. As you MGS fans should know - if not, shame on you! -, Ground Zeroes is technically MGS V's prologue. Problem is, Kojima decided to make Ground Zeroes a standalone with a price of 29,99$/€ if you buy at a game store or such, or 19,99$/€ if bought on Xbox Live or PSN.
The game will be an open-world, just like The Phantom Pain and - if I'm not mistaking - should be 4 to 8 hours long. Oh, and heads up to our arabic friends, since it'll be the first MGS with Arabic subtitles.

So. What's your take on the case? Does it look like a ripoff or something else to you?

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Well, that is quite expensive for what's supposed to be just a prologue for a bigger game. Then again, we've had such "gems" as Kane and Lynch 2 and Harry Potter DH that were much shorter but more much more expensive. Honestly, it does seem like an unfair deal for me. What Kojima does pretty much is he takes a part of a Phantom Pain game, rips it off and says that it's a separate thing, while in the reality it's not. It's like taking the "prologue" chapter of any game out and selling is separately, then taking the "ending" and selling it separately, so to get the whole story you must buy a "full package".

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I think it's a good deal. People who love the series will get MGS V before the actual MGS V comes out. If you're new to the series then you won't need the prologue to get used to the new controls of the series.

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I do think it will be padded out for its price, think peace walker side ops,base building and dont be suprised if theres some kind of beta test for the new Metal Gear Online. I cant wait,

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