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Game Awards 2017.

5 posts in this topic

The Game Awards 2017 has ended. And yeah, as expected, Zelda wins GOTY. It's so obvious that game is gonna win. It's as obvious as a horse race where the winner is "She's the fastest", and then followed by "always second" and "I'm number 3".


I like the winners for the other categories though, they deserves them:

Best Art Direction: Cuphead

Best RPG: Persona 5

Best Score: Nier Automata (fuck yes this game has amazing music)

Best Audio Design: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (amazing psychosis inducing sound design that depicts what people with psychosis actually are experiencing)

Best Performance: The woman who plays Senua (which is surprising because she's one of the video editors, and funny enough, I actually wished that she gets an award nomination for her fantastic work before. My wish is granted, and she won! YAY!)

On 8/9/2017 at 4:24 PM, Kaz32 said:

This game is like a prequel to Silent Hill with its psychological mind fuck aspect. Fantastic acting from the girl herself. She sells every pain and suffering in the game beautifully. She should be nominated for an award for best acting. And what's surprising is that the actress that plays the girl is actually not an actress, but one of the video editors that works on the game! She was originally just a stand in until the right actress was found, but she's done so really well that she eventually become Senua. A very well done work ms Juergens! You deserve an award! And she even tweeted that her and the entire crew got a Hellblade cake after the game's release. Yummy!:)




The only one I don't agree on is best Narrative. Edith Finch? Really? NO! Nier Automata deserves to win that award! Edith Finch's story is good, but it's just seeing how every single one of the Finch family live their life before they're killed by a curse. Nier Automata though is a cut above the rest. Depressing, very sad, and very heart wrenching, but at the same time it makes you question about living, and that every living being that can think for themselves deserves to live life without being discriminated. ARGHHH, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GAME AWARD!!


Ahem, got worked up there.


But what's surprising about this award are the game announcements.

Not sure how this game's timeline will go. Soul Calibur V previously takes place WAAYYYY after Mitsurugi and Sophitia's time. Mitsurugi's pretty much an old man there, but in here, he's young again. And Sophitia... well, I though she had 2 kids already that's all grown up. How come she still looks like a hot babe in her 20s? But then again, Ivy still looks like a hot babe in V so, I have no idea.


I hope the story mode will not be as horrible as V. Please make the story mode have expansive quests like Tobal 2. I don't want it to follow Mortal Kombat, I'm fucking sick of fighting games copying that game's story mode. JUST HAVE IT BE A GOOD ACTION ADVENTURE MODE DAMN IT!


Next we have a game from From Software.

Is this supposed to be Bloodborne, or will it be a completely new game? We'll have to wait and see! Maybe through the PSX later.


Then GTFO, or as I like to call it "yet another 4 person FPS co-op game that's going to be very similar to either Left 4 Dead or Payday.", which is fittingly made by the dev of Payday 2 so there you go.


Then World War Z which doesn't look interesting since Days Gone did the "hundreds of zombies in one screen in a game" first


It's a good thing my brother in law bought a Switch, so I can play this at his house when he buy this game. :D


And finally, the game that we are all waiting for, Death Stranding.

Still no gameplay, and even more questions raised. Like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?? I get that invisible giant men Cthulhu whatever monsters rule the earth, for some reason, and perhaps that baby thing is a Godlike entity of some kind that's very important to defeating those giant things, probably, but what is up with that sequence of Reedus falling to the ocean, then the baby's inside his body, then... um..... UUURRGHHHHHHHH!! WHAT IS HAPPENING???


All in all, cool game award. Can't wait for the Playstation Experience to see what that From Software game is going to be!

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All these awards and events keeps reminding me how far I'm from mainstream gaming (or whatever it should be called); Game Awards, E3, etc. Lots of trailers and marketing hype but nothing interesting for my taste.

I'm wondering how they are able to choose "the best games of the year" before all games has been even published. Are we able to read reasoning behind the choices somewhere?

Hmmh, grumpy day I guess ... :)

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I'm disappointed that Horizon Zero Dawn didn't get any wins, I feel it at least deserved best action game over The New Colossus.


Other than that I don't have much in the way of grievances here, Zelda wouldn't have been my personal choice for GOTY but I'm still not surprised it won and I'm not going to grudge it.


The game I'm most happy for is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for Audio Design and Melina Juergens' performance as they are literally some of the best I have ever seen!

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Overwatch won Best Ongoing game... Over Warframe... Get outta here!

Seems like only thing that mattered in these awards were popularity.

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11 minutes ago, Cyborg-Rox said:

Overwatch won Best Ongoing game... Over Warframe... Get outta here!

Seems like only thing that mattered in these awards were popularity.


If only there was an award for "Best Online Casino"!

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