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E3 Bethesda press conference thread.

6 posts in this topic

This was.... surprisingly entertaining!l Love how Pete Hines references that Wallmart leak screwup. Nice that Andrew W K gave a live concert. Definitely one of the better live music performance in E3.


What can I say about the games besides "WOHOO, RAGE2!! NEW DOOM!! NEW WOLFENSTEIN!!! Which is depressing because that means all the battles BJ fought in before doesn't change the Nazi rule and so his 2 daughters have to continue the fight but WOHOO!! I CAN KICK NAZI ASSES ALL OVER AGAIN!! Don't care about Elder Scrolls Online but WOHOO!!"


Fallout 76 is... meh, it's Fallout 4 with multiplayer. Not that excited tbh. 


The one I'm very happy about is the Prey new game + update. FINALLY!! I now have a reason to play that game again!! Didn't expect that the DLC will turn the game into a rogue-lite game on the moon, that's interesting. That and of course Elder Scrolls 6 incoming, AND that Elder Scrolls Blade game for the iPhone. FINALLY! New phone game to play! 

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I still need a little more detail on how Fallout 76 will play...but I'm actually looking forward to it. Both my dad and I are huge fans of the series, and being able to explore the wasteland together would be so much fun!

DOOM is definitely on my list!  I love the first reboot they made and would love to play more!

RAGE was a good game, but really short. I'm curious what they will do with this new one (which looks good).

Elder Scrolls 6...ok. I mean, I think we all knew it was in the works, so this "teaser" is actually kind of lame. I won't get really excited until they reveal more about the game world, which appears to be...Hammerfell? It would be REALLY cool to revisit the city of Daggerfall! Maybe with a few easter eggs for those of us who started our Elders Scrolls adventure way back then?

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Angry Joe, Other Joe and Delrith do their own analysis of Bethesda's E3 performance:


Rage 2 looks awesome!  Joe described it as "Pink DOOM" and I'm totally down for that shit!


DOOM Eternal is DOOM and DOOM is badass!  What more is there to say? ....... DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!


I'm open to Wolfenstein: Youngblood and these two daughter characters as long as they are interesting and more importantly different from each other.  Like if one is sensible and likes to plan ahead and the other is unstable and has short temper I think that could be fun but we'll have to wait and see.


Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are both WAY to far in the future right now, moving on.


I've been feeling uneasy about Fallout 76, I might change my mind by this time tomorrow several times but right now I'm agree with Del and the #NotMyFallout crowd.  Unless they announce something that will alleviate the concerns about grieving other players like private servers then this could be a trolls paradise.  I REALLY hate the idea that other players can send nukes on the map and their have been some suggestions that there is no NPC's on the map at all.  Despite the insistence that you can play this game on your own and that their is quests and a story line? Is it an RPG?  Is it co-op?  Is it dynamic quests that appear randomly on the Map? It's all very confusing.

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I was looking forward to hear or see more about Starfield but unfortunately there wasn't much about it. If it will be a single player space RPG as some rumours says I'm not interested.

Bethesda Game Studios doesn't make games I like much so the expectations are pretty low. As publisher Bethesda (Softworks) has some interesting titles so I will keep eye on those games. Wolfenstein, Doom, etc. I will buy if they will be released (or ported) for SteamOS/Linux but otherwise from discount at best.

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4 hours ago, Lazilot said:

Looking forward to playing as a mountain in Elder Scrolls VI.


I look forward to seeing how a mountain can start the game as a prisoner!



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