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Would you buy a $25 self-published book?

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So, I'm very close to publishing a second book. But I'm not there yet because I've run into some issues with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).
One "solution" to my problem suggested that I needed to raise my book price in certain markets so that the royalties amount could also cover the printing cost. This was something I really, REALLY did not want to do. I'm not really in it for the money, I just like writing and want to share my stories...and make at least a little extra cash on the side.

But as the total cost for my 500-page novel got closer and closer to $25 American, I began to think "I love my book and think I'm a good writer, but who in their right mind is going to pay $25 for a self-published book? Even a good one?"

So my question for you readers in the AJSA Community is, would you? To me, that's quite an investment unless you're already familiar with the author and believe their work is worth it. If I wasn't familiar with the author, no, I don't think I would pay that much.

Fortunately, it looks like pricing was not the problem, and I brought it back down to $17.49 (which is about $0.30 above the absolute minimum price Amazon will let me set).

Stay tuned for a shameless ad when I do eventually get it published.

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Congrats on making a second book! I know someone who made books like this one:

Image result for 120 ways

I was given this and 2 other books she made as a package for a job consultation course she offered. I read the book & because of it, I got a job after struggling a lot with finding one. Then I helped her out with her events + bookselling, so I know how hard it is to sell books that's just made. The price is the same as yours, $25 USD, or $35AUD, and she does sell these books after lectures in events she did. The key is good marketing + showing what your book has to offer so people will want to buy it. Then word of mouth will settle the rest, though it's harder nowadays since everyone wants to read stuff in digital form + audiobooks.

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Thanks, Kaz, I'll have to look her up.

Fortunately, the problem turned out to be that the imprint wasn't entered correctly, and I was able to leave the price at $17.49 USD. And thanks to purchasing my own ISBN numbers and opting for Amazon's expanded distribution, my new book should now be available worldwide, including Down Under! I even wrote them in British English for an extra challenge.

In fact, oh would you look at that! A shiny e-book for just $4.22AUD!

For the US audience:
Paperback - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732913803

E-book - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P8FQGV2

Also available in other markets, but I won't flood the page with links.

The stories are plain, old action/adventure with furry characters, because it's more fun writing about a seven-foot (2.2 metres) tiger cracking skulls and dodging bullets. The Black Horns does pick up immediately after the first book ended, but I've (hopefully) included all the relevant details from the first book that should allow new readers to jump right in.

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