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Yo back again

2 posts in this topic

i'm guessing I got deleted as i could no longer log in. I know it's been a while i tend to do that drift in and out (due to life and the things it throws at us)
Figured it had been a while since i looked in on the AJSA and that's when i found my profile had gone poof. :lol:
So this is the return of BlackfoxKitsune again. so howdy folks (sorry not singal) 

I'm a female gamer form the UK and often watch angry joes vids and reviews. and i often find i share a number of peeve as Joe himself, from Youtube and it's fake copywrite claims nonsense to the annoying micro transactions and even pseudo gambling (Loot boxes) that have infected our gaming. But i find that my latest peeves are also live service (the being forced to be online 24/7) and this annoying "chapters" trend where we are paying full price of what should be a full game price for a chapter of a game and that peeve also includes "season pass" which may as well be sold as a subsctipion as that is what it amounts to being.
 So i have come to believe that the gaming industry needs to be regulated as they seem to be going nuts. 
On a personal note i do suffer with dyslexia and so spelling mistakes and typos are somewhat common with me. (for the US bunch i will note that some UK english spellings are diffrent to your US english spellings)

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Welcome back. Join the Discord for a more active part of the community. 

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