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Choosing the right router (I need help)

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In 2 weeks my ISP change their network, which means the (crap) router I've been using won't be able to connect anymore. It's one I got from them 2+ years ago, and while the wired work "okay", the wireless is unreliable and it seems to generally discriminate against my laptop and likes to drop my phone from the wireless.

They've sent me a new box (they call it a splitter) that is required to connect to their network after the changeover on the 26th. It will only allow 1 device to connect directly to it, so it says "you'll need a router to hook up more".


So, since I was planning on replacing the router anyway (since I like having the wireless, but it's too unreliable to use atm), though not this side of christmas, I was looking into what the options are.


1. I don't want AC. It's too expensive, it's pointless fast, and nothing supports it anyway.

2. I need one that can reliably handle high down/upload speeds with ultra-low pings and very high packet counts on multiple devices simultaneously (wired and wireless concurrently) (I'm on synchronous optical fibre and will be upgraded to 50/50 Mbit in 2 weeks). I tend to download and play on my desktop while watching streaming HD video on my laptop.

3. Built-in firewall required.


I have bad experiences with D-link and Linksys overheating, so I'm looking for something that's a little better at standing up to torture. Asus seem to have good reviews, so I was looking at this one:



Something around that price tag is pretty much the limit of what I'm willing to pay. I do have a limited budget, but I pay a lot every month for my Internet, and I want to be able to use it to the max.

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I believe the last router I bought was NetGear, I could be wrong though...I set it up and never looked back. In either case, as long as it's a good brand and can support your connection speed you really have nothing to worry about. Networking genius' feel free to confirm/deny.

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