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Reyas Khaal

What system should I upgrade to?

6 posts in this topic

I've always been a hardcore Microsoft-Xbox kinda guy.

But I don't know if I can forgive them for all that DRM bullshit.

But I don't wanna miss out on stuff like Destiny, the next Mass Effects, or anything really cool that might be restricted to Xbox One. I'm not a huge fan of Killzone or the other Playstation exclusive titles either (Except mayyybbeee Infamous and Uncharted).

I know that Microsoft redid their stance on the DRM, but that's just because no one wanted the system, and they just wanted to make more money off of us.
The Fact of the matter, is they tried ripping us off in the first place.

So what should I do?

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I say wait until the game systems have fixed their own problems. Also wait for reviews of games you want exclusives for. That way you don't waste money on a system that you don't even like the exclusives for. I am looking at how the steam box will work. Valve has intrigued me. So my advice is just wait for the answers to pop up. Never be the "stupid consumer" and waste money just because the majority buys it. Be smart is all I can tell you.

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Yeah wait half a year to a year find out what systems are about and hey you might have saved enough money to go PC if both consoles are not to your liking.

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personally i recommenced the PS4 or 3. Its reliable faithful and it treats you right. But others recommend the PC and slowly but surly i find myself leaning to that side but i'll never abandon my love ( me + Playstation = -3-)  

I find alot of Playstation exclusive games to be very enjoyable Jak and Daxter, God of war, The Last of Us, Guacamelee, Unfinished Swan and so on

XBOX one is getting the new Dead Rising if your into that sort of thing,  Most XBOX fanboys are putting alot of faith into the new Titan Fall (which looks like a very generic robot shooter to me.) They're getting the New Killer Instincts which is the only thing im really jealous of. and they're getting a new connect

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Destiny and Mass Effect are going to be multiplatform (Destiny PC is heavily rumoured and Destiny for the PS4 has Exclusive Content).

I would say wait until all the dust clears. They'll probably be more enticing packages like the Titanfall Bundle next year.

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