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Greetings from Germany (Heretic's introduction)

9 posts in this topic

Hello there, dear AJSA community!

I am Heretic, a gamer of old, almost-forgotten times, back in the days when the first RTS game i ever played was "Command & Conquer" and the very first FPS i played was Doom. Yes, i am that old and i sometimes feel like a little like it.

Even though i am not active in the multiplayer gaming scene as i used to be some years ago, i still love (video) games. I'd still be active but due to a lack of German internet infrastructure accessability in rural areas, not really up-to-date hardware and a quite packed schedule and the demands of a great girlfriend i can't muster the resources nor time to really participate but i'd like to be part of this community by means of storytelling, voicing opinions, maybe even giving advice or share a plethora of odd, weird or funny anecdotes that happened to me in all these years of gaming.

Some video games (or series, i mostly don't draw a clear distinction) i like/liked when i was still active; from the top of my head:


SC (including Brood Wars)


Diablo 1 & 2 (incl. L.o.D.)


and many many more...


My further interests include:

Music (Heavy Metal, (mostly non-mainstream) Rap, Aggrotech, Industrial. In general every music that "speaks" to me or moves me intellectually and/or emotionally. I also text and make music every now and then, but that's also on hiatus atm.)

Books&Reading (studying German Studies that's somewhat of a given, but i still love to read in leisure time)

Pen&Paper RPGs (like D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, L5R, and many others)

Magic the Gathering (somewhat inactive due to schedule and lack of active players in my vicinity)

and some other interests i might have forgot to mention at this point....


I'd like to become a part of this community, even if RL bars me (and probably will still be barring me for 1-2 years from now) from actively participating in online games. Participation in the forums will not be a problem, though i don't know if that's enough to enter the ranks.


Best regards,




p.s.: I read the FAQ, the CoC and the thread about rank hierarchy. If i forgot to read something important, please remind me, it is much apreciated. Oh, and please be kind if i miss something in a conversation or slip and trip, English is not my native tongue.

Feel free to ask if you want to know more about me, also you're welcome to comment in this thread.






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Hi Heretic i Guess with you hear i dont feel as bad. like you my games of choice was the C & C Seires, played Doom on the PC at school and went and bought it on the Sega 32x. been playing D & D 2nd edition from TSR back in the 80's and started to play Rifts in the 90's im a big fan of pen and paper rpgs but sadly less and less time to play anything as time goes by.

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Willkommen bei der AJSA Community. Ich hoffe Du genießt Deinen Aufenthalt und wirst ein aktives Mitglied in der Gemeinde. Wir alle sind hier, um einander zu helfen und als eine Einheit AJSA zu sprechen und aufzutreten. Hilf der Community und Angry Joe in seinem Kampf gegen das Böse und den teuflisch und schändlichen Unternehmens Kommandanten.

Hier noch einige Informationen die Dir rund um die Website behilflich sein werden.

Das sind die AJSA Regeln und Code Of Conduct und alles was Du brauchst um z.B. das Warnsystem und andere wichtige Dinge zu verstehen. Bitte lese die Regeln und den Code of Conduct um missverständnisse zu vermeiden.

Falls Du Fragen oder Anregungen hast wende Dich bitte an die entsprechenden Moderatoren und Admins. Respektiere die Regeln und entspreche immer den Anweisungen der Admins und Moderatoren.

Spiel Offizier-Officer.png

AJSA Kommandant-Commander.png

AJSA Ratsmitglied-Council.png

Wenn Du einen Beitrag für die Gemeinschaft spenden willst, so ist das auf der Webseite möglich. Das Geld wird zur Verbesserung der Webseite und den entsprechen Servern verwendet. Du kannst einmalig spenden aber auch einen monatlichen Beitrag leisten. Es gibt 3 Arten von Club-Mitgliedschaft abhängig von der monatlichen Zahlung die Du leisten willst. Leistungenstufen sind: Gold, Platin und Gründer. Die drei Stufen unterscheiden sich jeweils in den Leistungen die Du erwarten kannst.

Für Deine Hilfe sind wir dankbar.

Hinweis: Klicke auf das jeweiligen Symbole um die verschieden Stufen und Leistungen zu sehen.




Auch ich hoffen Du geniesst Deinen Aufenthalt und wirst ein aktives Mitglied der AJSA-Gemeinschaft. Viel spaß dabei !

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Thank you very much for this warm welcome.


I did read all the threads before i opened this thread, because i watched Angry Joe's announcement at Youtube. 

I read through them and was like "Ok, i get that and i'm fine with it.". Thenl i read the CoC and the "Angry Joe Policy" entry at the end of it and

it got me kinda sad. Not sad in the way of disappointment or such, but because this paragraph implies that there might have been incidents in the past that warranted this paragraph. It made me sad that a "fan" (or more than one "fan") went out of their way to try to get in contact with Joe in a harmful way, stepping over boundaries.

On the other hand, though, the entire paragraph was kinda moot to me. Why?

To me, pestering or trying to get close® to a person without their willful declaration is a no-nol. 

Celebrities (hell, every person, no matter if they're famous or not!) have a right to reserve privacy, to remain unbothered.     

Maybe this entry makes me sad because i can relate to it on a personal level, but i better won't bother you with details (unless you really want to know why).

Just let me say this: I had a stalker once. For a longer period of time.

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Hello there!

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