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    AJSA Saturday Insurgency!

    • Welcome all Insurgents! It's about damn time we get back in the field!

    This Saturday (6/27/2015) the AJSA will be hosting PVP and COOP games on our hosted servers. We'll be starting at 1:00 pm EST; 6:00 pm GMT. Please join the dedicated Insurgency TS channel while participating in the event.

    For those who don't know, Insurgency is a mix between the realistic, tactical realism that ArmA brings and the arcade-like, twitch shooter experience that CS:GO is known so well for.

    If you enjoy adrenaline packed firefights and, perhaps even more adrenaline fueled, slow paced, unnerving tactical play, Insurgency might be just the game for you.

    For those who do play, and haven't been active in a little while, there are a few things fixed up with Insurgency lately. Most notably are an improved matchmaking layout, and a new game mode dubbed "Outpost."

    Outpost is a game mode in which you and your team must protect a single weapons cache from an onslaught of increasingly difficult and numerous insurgents until either your cache, and/or your team, are obliterated. The game mode is available for coop only.

    If there are any questions or suggestions about Insurgency and the AJSA's involvement, please direct them to myself, SpecAgtHUNK.

    Again, welcome, and join in on the fun!

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    User Feedback

    I looked the server names up and couldn't find it

    It's there in the server tab... Top of your page beneath the AJSA logo on the server tab. It's legit the first two servers in the list.

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