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    Introducing PS4 Division Community Nights!


    We’re happy to finally announce the latest PS4 Division project Community Nights. Over the past 3+ years Game Nights has shown us that a casual event series based around including as many people to play games together is very beloved. Game Nights goal will continue to be just that, having a different game each Saturday to include as many members in to play with each other. However, Game Nights does have it’s own drawbacks most notably supporting a single game that members are excited about with a stable flow of events. That’s where Community Nights comes in…

    What is Community Nights?
    Community Nights is an event series that will run alongside Game Nights and focus on supporting games through limited run campaigns giving them their own weekly events. For example every Thursday there will be an Warframe event. These events will continue until the campaign goal has been met. Let’s say the Community Nights Warframe campaign is focus on getting members of the AJSA to end game content. Than once the majority of Warframe PS4 Division members have reached end game content the Community Nights Warframe will come to an end. This way while in supporting a game it gives the community a goal to focus on, and doesn’t let games overstay and burn players out.

    What are campaigns?
    Community Nights will be conducted through campaigns for selected games. These campaigns are the goal of the Community Nights like; getting members to end game content, celebrating an in-game event, getting members through new game dlc or expansion, etc. Once the goal is met for the majority of players the Community Nights comes to an end for that game's campaign. It doesn’t mean that selected game or campaign goal will not return.

    What is Community Nights first game?
    Community Nights will be starting it’s 3 month testing period and our first game is Warframe. We chose Warframe because of its continue presence within the PS4 Division by many old and new members.

    What other games will Community Nights have?
    As of right now Community Nights will be going through a testing period of 3 months with Warframe as the only game. If the PS4 Division shows support for this kind of event series we’ll be more than happy to include other games in the future for many reasons for campaigns.

    Where do members sign-up for Community Nights?
    During the 3 month testing period sign-ups for Community Nights will be done directly through the PSN Angry Joe Show Army Community feature, as well as members of our PS4 AJSA Chatrooms will be get message alerts of when sign-ups begin. To learn how to sign-up for our PSN Angry Joe Show Army Community and our PS4 AJSA Chatrooms click the link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/31321-playstation-4-division-information/

    How does someone start a Community Nights?
    As of right now Community Nights can only be started by staff members of the PS4 Division. No staff member will be forced to do a Community Nights. These must be passion projects that the PS4 Division staff wants to pursue.

    When will Community Nights take place?
    Community Nights events start times and date are decided by the PS4 Division staff member running the events. Community Nights however will not be on days when other events are taking place. Example there will be no Community Nights on Saturdays because of Game Nights.


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    I love to play games on Game nights community., And Warframe is my favorite. By the way, I am also looking for a  fast payout casino, I am a big casino lover but some casino sites take lots of time on the payout. If anyone here knows where I can get it then please let me know. 

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