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  • Xbox One Division - Top 10 Games of 2018


    AJSA Xbox One - Top 10 Games of 2018 - What Video Games Did Xbox Members Enjoy Playing in 2018? Hello and welcome! I hope you all had a great holiday season that was filled with fun and happiness. As we wrap up the year we're looking back at the games that helped define 2018 and reflect on the titles that brought us enjoyment. Over course of the past month, shortly following the conclusion of the AJSA 5th Year Anniversary Week, we here on Xbox have been collecting votes and opinions from members on what new games that released on Xbox in 2019 they liked the most. Based on the results we formed a Top 10 Xbox Game List of 2018 that we will be presenting to you today. When we show each game in the list we will feature a testimonial (there will be at least one per game) that a member wrote for that game we selected.

    Wait! There is more...We didn't want this article to be your standard 'Top 10 Games List' sort of deal. We here on the AJSA Xbox team wanted to approach this project a bit differently. We wanted to make this not just a 'staff project' but a community project. The article not only contains the new games we liked but also what updates or DLC people enjoyed, what events were their favorite and what games we're looking forward to in 2019.

    This article is meant to give a glimpse into the tastes of the Xbox community and what sort of games people enjoy playing. This article is only possible due to the time members put in sending in their feedback. We've collected all the data and we're excited to share it with the rest of the AJSA Gaming crew.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this fun and lighthearted community project. If members did not have the chance to vote, or they did not see the games they voted make the top 10, share instead what you thought were the top games that released on Xbox this year. Thank you and enjoy!

    Top 5 Favorite Games As Xbox Weekly Events & Game Nights

    We're featured over 55 different titles this year as Xbox Weekly Events/Game Nights, setting a new record for us here in the Xbox community. We asked voters what games they thought were the best that were supported and/or showcased. Here is the game Top 5 Games members enjoyed the most as Weekly Events/Game Nights:

    • 1. Overwatch
      • This game is our longest running Weekly Event series on Xbox One with community support spanning nearly three years. A Saturday night staple within the community, Overwatch has matured and solidified itself as our flagship title on Xbox. 2018 was especially exciting year for the game as we featured it during three different 'Special Operations', and it broke our 'longest running single event' record (15 hours!) for Xbox in May. 
    • 2. Black Ops 4
      • A fairly new title on the scene, Black Ops 4 has spread like wildfire within the Xbox community quickly growing to become of our most favorite titles to feature as events. 
    • 3. Grand Theft Auto V
      • Los Santos has served as the home for the criminal underworld of the AJSA for the past five years since the founding of the 'Angry Grand Theft Army'. When a GTA event rolls around you know there will be absolute chaos and fun to be had.
    • 4. Halo: Master Chief Collection
      • The Master Chief Collection entered a unique renaissance this year in the Xbox community. Thanks to consistent updates that overhauled the multiplayer experience, the AJSA returned in full force and our custom game modes kept people entertained for hours on end.
    • 5. Friday the 13th: the Video Game
      • Camp Crystal Lake will never be the same thanks to the AJSA. This game grew to become of our premier 'Game Night' titles this year. When you have a full lobby of AJSA members, plenty of shenanigans and craziness was to be had.

    Top 5 Anticipated Games For 2019

    We asked voters what games they were looking forward to the most in 2019.

    • 1. Metro: Exodus
    • 2. The Division 2
    • 3. Cyberpunk 2077
    • 4. Mortal Kombat 11
    • 5. DOOM Eternal

    Top 5 Game Updates of 2018

    A ton of updates, expansions, and DLC were released this year in 2018. We asked voters to pick which ones were their favorite:

    • 1. Halo: Master Chief Collection [August Update]
      • This update saw a complete overhaul of the Master Chief Collection which saw massive improvements to matchmaking. The game finally felt complete and people could enjoy the Master Chief saga, in online or story, with ease. Much credit was given to 343 for not abandoning the game and worked to fix their wrongs.
    • 2. GTA Online - Arena Wars
      • Twisted Metal meets GTA Online in the 'Arena Wars' update with all out vehicular warfare.
    • 3. Sea of Thieves - Forsaken Shores
      • This update included an expansion to the map called 'Devil's Roar', a dangerous and exciting new area filled with treasure and treachery.
    • 4. Rainbow Six: Siege - Operation Para Bellum
      • The introduction of the Italian operators saw many members return to Rainbow Six: Siege over the summer and reignited interest in the game.
    • 5. Fornite Season 5 - When Worlds Collide
      • This update saw major changes to the Fortnite world that are still in place today. This was the update for quite a few people who were once on the fence about Fortnite to finally check out the game and experience it for the first time.

    Top 10 New Games of 2018

    #10 - FORZA HORIZON 4


    • Genre: Racing
    • Release Date: October 2nd

    Member Thoughts

    Rune - My history with racing games isn't really all that illustrious. In my early gaming days when it came to racing games I liked to play titles such as Crash Team Racing, Gran Turismo, Mario Kart, and Ridge Racer on the PS1/SNES/PS2 consoles. As I got older I played more shooters, RPGs, and adventure style games. The Forza Horizon series brought me back to the racing genre with Forza Horizon 3 and I've grown to be a fan of the series since. This entry, Forza Horizon 4, I feel builds and excels upon the last game. At first I didn't think I would like the new London setting, compared to the Australian Outback I grew to love, but I came to appreciate it as I played more. The weather system is really interesting (racing and messing around in the snow is awesome) the cars look/drive great, the challenges/story missions are fun, and the races are as crazy as ever. Great game to play by yourself or with friends and you don't need to be a 'car buff' to get into the game. Easy to pick up and play. An addition to your Xbox library I would totally recommend. 


    #9 - STATE OF DECAY 2


    • Genre: Survival
    • Release Date: May 22nd

    Member Thoughts

    Shot2dface - As a fan of the original, I welcomed with the introduction of a new world and story setting along with the multiplayer. Consistent updates helps keep the zombie killin' fun and fresh!!




    • Genre: Action Adventure
    • Release Date: September 14th

    Member Thoughts

    WolfHeart - Beautiful game. Lara kicks ass as always. A solid single player game when I felt that most of the games this year were focusing more on co-op and multiplayer. Was it the absolute best out of the trilogy? Up for debate but for any Tomb Raider fan I feel it worth playing and we'll see where the series goes after this.


    #7 - NO MAN'S SKY


    • Genre: Adventure/Exploration/Survival
    • Release Date: July 24th

    Member Thoughts

    MasterfulJoe - No Man's Sky essentially received a total reboot with its launch on Xbox One that's made it the game we had always wanted it to be. Major parts of the game were overhauled and huge new content drops came this year and in my opinion, the game is finally 100% worth the price that was asked.

    AJSA Delta - Knowing the less than stellar release it had when It first came in on PS4 and PC, I’ve enjoyed the improvements and updates they’ve made to the game. I feel the game deserves another chance with its current state now.




    • Genre: Stealth, Action/RPG
    • Release Date: October 5th

    Member Thoughts

    Foxhart - While i admit I'm not a big fan of assassins creed as a whole this one grabbed my attention as rpg elements had been implemented and game play was engaging. though the leveling mechanics being throttled for micro-transactions was annoying it wasn't  game breaking.


    #5 - FAR CRY 5


    • Genre: Action/Adventure, FPS
    • Release Date: March 27th

    Member Thoughts

    Tmccrory - I loved the game because of the environment and the character customization making you feel like you’re actually in the game.




    • Genre: Open World Adventure
    • Release Date: March 20th

    Member Thoughts

    AngryFuzzball -  It was truly a 'Make Your Own Adventure' type of game and that is was appealed to me the most.

    Zombie Shower - Sea of Thieves provided the best cooperative pirate experience in gaming.

    StraightUpMelon - A unique and fun game that excels when played with friends. Great exploration and is constantly being updated.




    • Genre: Action RPG
    • Release Date: January 26th

    Member Thoughts

    Psykogrl - Beautiful environments, interesting crafting and gameplay.

    LaunchedPizza - Beautiful landscape. The monsters are beautiful as well but also scary and they will eat you.

    WookieJedi - I have never played a monster hunter game in my life before this one. And yet I was able to easily pick up on the mechanics and game play and that’s y I love this game so much not only for its incredible world and variety of creatures but also for its ease of access to new players and the fact that it’s an MMO another favorite genre of mine doesn’t hurt it either


    #2 - COD: BLACK OPS 4


    • Genre: FPS
    • Release Date: October 12th

    Member Thoughts

    AwakeningRager - Level progression, gunplay and customization is fun. Certain fan-favorite maps like Summit and Firing Range are fun to play and I hope more free maps for all players come soon. I had fun with the game solo and gaming with AJSA friends during events as well.

    DoomSlayer - I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  I was very skeptical of it when it was first announced considering the removal of the campaign and the shoehorning in of a battle royal mode, which ended up being better than I expected.

    EJGarza - My multiplayer experience is one of the best I've had all year with Black Ops 4. It also has a really fun zombie mode and I feel it offers the best Battle Royale mode out there today.




    • Genre: Action/Adventure
    • Release Date: October 26th

    Member Thoughts

    PoisonousSkate - Without a doubt Red Dead Redemption is my game of the year. For me was a truly amazing and well crafted game whose story catch me from the beginning with his truly amazing and interesting set of characters and atmosphere. The setting of the Wild West is a difficult thing to convert into a video game specially with such a level of fidelity to the period  that Red Dead has achieved, with only a few minor exceptions. This game has truly take me back in time to revive some of my childhood memories watching westerns and playing the first Red Dead Redemption. Truly and amazing game that deserves game of the year.

    Ryman217 - Brought back a good single player story in one of the most anticipated sequels.

    Sickshock - Ok so if anyone truly knows me they know that I love old John Wayne westerns so playing Read Dead 2 made me feel like a badass cowboy!!! I love the online multiplayer as well and it is where I spend most of my time with the game. I love playing the online story missions or just getting into gun battles with other players. There is never a dull moment when you play this game.

    AJSADylmah93 - It was years in the making, but it's finally here - the sequel (and prequel) to, in my opinion, one of the greatest games of all time. So did it live up to the hype? Was it worth the wait? Well, I can happily say yes, and yes. Almost every aspect of Red Dead Redemption was touched on and improved, and new features were jam packed into this game.

    The attention to detail here is unmatched by any game that has released this year, in my opinion. For example; when you're walking through mud, water pools up in your footprints. Snow accurately deforms as you walk through it and mud even cakes up on the wheels of wagons when ridden through it for extended periods of time.

    But the big question here is, is the story and content good? A game can look great, but what you will be doing in it is a huge factor to think about. Well, again yes, I think so. There is so much to every character in this game, I even found myself getting attached to strangers I met. I highly suggest taking your time with the story to wade through the wealth of side content this game has to offer, especially the side missions involving various members of your gang. In time, you'll come to view these characters as more than just NPCs, and you'll actually careabout them. One particular stranger mission strand even had me on the verge of tears by it's conclusion because I grew attached to that character so much.

    In conclusion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that I highly recommend. And is by far, my personal Game of the Year for 2018.


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    Only thing i can say is this is at least an interesting list to say the least.

    But the top 10 new games have what some qould have on there worst games list and it shows how poor the line up on X Box was this year.

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