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    Hearthstone AJSA North American Tourney!

    • Attention, members of the AJSA! DO you like outwitting opponents at any point possible? Do you love Azeroth, the setting for Blizzard's hit mmo, World of Warcraft? How about a mix of competitive gameplay with a good chance for dumb luck? Boy of boy, do I have a deal for you!


    Here is how it works...

    Each player would create three decks that fit inside of the criteria listed below. So long as decks fit by these rules, they can be played. Extra points to players who make unique for unexpected decks! (Note: this is not a point based tourney, but simple elimination). Each match-up is a best of 5, with each deck being crossed off after it is defeated. Here are the types of decks that are not allowed into the tourney!

    Face hunter.... and that's it!

    No cards will be banned, to encourage any interesting combos.


    The AJSA has been authorized to hand out 10 packs of either the classic or Goblins versus Gnomes cards to the victor of the tourney. The runner up would receive 5 packs.


    There will be an interest meeting on Saturday 16th at 7pm EST. Please message TheFantasticFunk for any questions, comments or concerns!

    The official date will be set by Saturday, after we understand just how many contestants we have willing to duke it out!

    As assumed, the games will be streamed on specific dates that will be selected during the interest meeting. Either before or during the meeting, Please send all decklist or screenshots to TheFantasticFunk, so that the criteria is fit for each deck. Good luck and see you by the fire!

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    User Feedback

    Cool. Can't partecipate because...well i have only basics in my NA account, if we can do something like this on EU i'll be in the first line :D
    Btw, why banning the face hunter? I mean, i don't like it but it's a legit way to play the game.

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