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    Planetside 2: Operation Witness

    • Witness me brothers!

    When: Sunday 7/26/2015 at 12PM CST (6PM GMT)

    Where: PlanetSide2 channels on teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com

    Server: Emerald

    Operation Details:

    Within this operation we will ride into battle with Harassers screaming from the top of our lungs WITNESS ME and dying a warriors death. After the starting portion of this operation we will push the disgusting VS and the corporate puppets of the NC, and as well try the new tactics learned from this weeks training. At the end of the operation we will grab surrenders racing them from one point of the map to another.

    Anyone that wins in the obvious death races will win a little badge called a racing ribbon!


    Other News:

    We still are in dire need of fresh bodies to throw at the enemy and staff members to moderate the Outfit as we progress, so hit up the Planetside2 to be recruited for the glory of the Terran Republic.

    As well with recruitment we will be also soon commencing operations with the New Conglomerate so make a Character on the NC and lets be freedom fighters!

    We will start training sessions every Tuesday at 12pm CST (6pm GMT), although not mandatory we like as much attendance as possible. The session will include the best options for weaponry and how to use them effectually, as well we will going over squad tactics and how they will help turn the tide of battle even if outnumber. Hope to see you there soldiers!

    ​As well we will commence mid-week operations for both American and European players to help with recruitment and activity of the outfit. For Americans operations will start at 6PM CST, for Europeans operations will start at 6PM GMT. This will not divide the community as we will be together every Sunday and play with each other.

    If you are interested or would like to relive the enjoyment of past operations please follow this LINK!

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