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  • The Final PS2 Op: The Last Stand of the AJSA

    Dark Templar
    • :( Saturday, come say goodbye and mark the end of the AJSA's Second Campaign in Planetside 2.

    When: Saturday, March 14th, 2015, Operation will commence at 2PM EST (7PM GMT)

    Where: EMERALD Server, AJSA Teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com

    How: Platoon and Squad Leaders will create specific Squad Channels in the Teamspeak to match the name of the in-game Squad in PS2. Join the Teamspeak Channel that matches the squad you join in game, so you can hear your Squad Leader!

    New members read the "READ HERE" forum post to see a list of Sergeants/Officers to send in-game messages to so you can get invited to the outfit or loo for them in teamspeak.

    What: Our objective during Ops is to play together as a large team and cooperatively fight as an unit semi-seriously, while still having a fun time. Squad members are expected to listen to their Squad Leaders to ensure the AJSA is victorious in battle.

    Event Outline:

    Phase X: - The Last stand of the AJSA!

    The final operation for the planetside 2 community will be a culmination of every single operation we had, (with the exception of duplicate ops) leading to a final farewell and thank you to all the players that have joined us throughout the many operations and events. After we have finished, we will be calling it on our last and final operation!

    Racing Phase: AJSA RACING LEAGUE, Race #34: final race (gun game style)!

    At the start of the operation, we will have another exciting edition of the AJSA Racing League. This time our Final Official Race will be based on call of duty's gun game! A vehicle race involving every vehicle in Planetside 2, racing to one point, back to the warp gate and pulling the next vehicle on the list till you finish with the last vehicle on the list! The race route and vehicle list will be decided by command depending on conditions in the field.

    Note: this will be your final chance to earn a racing award in the PS2 racing league, so come on, and bring your race game!

    The First Place Winning individual of the Race will receive the lovely AJSA Racing League Champion Award on the forums. View the award and our hall of champions here:



    and don't forget:

    AJSA Event MVP

    Officers and Sergeants will be on the lookout for the player who best exemplifies the AJSA during this event. This means players who not only demonstrate skill on the battlefield, but are great team members as well. A player who meets those high standards for this event will receive the AJSA Champion Award to adorn their forum profile!

    Note, that this MVP will be the last to be awarded in Planetside 2, you have to earn it!


    User Feedback

    it's been fun when i was able to join and play during these events and sry i was not there for your 2015 ops but i have decided that i will get planetside up on the computer and log in with the AJSA, one last time, for old times sake (it is sad that this is the end of the outfit but it was fun non the less) so in honor of that Loyalty Until Death AJSA see you guys then (and this time we WILL give them hell and make it a last stand they will not forget)

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    Nooooo!!!!!!! WHY??? AJSA PS2 was awesome!

    Devs were intentionally unbalancing game in favor Vanu, fps/server problems not fixed, new owners fired a bunch of people...short story: No one was having fun anymore.

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    Sad to see this go seeing since this was the only game that the AJSA had that anyone could take part in at any time without anyone having to worry about their skill or about having to pay for anything. :(

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    Devs were intentionally unbalancing game in favor Vanu, fps/server problems not fixed, new owners fired a bunch of people...short story: No one was having fun anymore.

    Dam, that's messed up.

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    I do not want to look for all the data right now, but an obvious thing to look at for VS being overpowered are their directive weapons, they are heat based. That basically means that their directive weapons have unlimited ammo. And the heating mechanic doesn't even work as punitive as you might think; usually as soon as anything weapon or tool related is overheated in any game, they are locked until it is fully cooled down. But not here, here the VS just have to reload from an unlimited supply of ammo clips and they are good to go.


    Another minor thing is their faction colour. They have a very dark shade of purple, which makes them almost blend anywhere in the dark.


    Most VS weapons don't have any bullet drop, making them very effective at longer than usual combat. (Snipers have bullet drop, though) An example of this would be the Lancer, a rocket launcher without any bullet drop and extremely high bullet velocity. I saw a hostile Lancer squad on a vantage point taking out Prowlers instantly, by all hitting it simultaneously, all because they could remain at distances where the bullet drop forces the armour to adjust their fire, meaning they had at least 5 sec time before the enemy could hit them somewhat reliable.


    The Magrider is extremely mobile, outclassing anything we can throw into its way. With it being so mobile it is hard to C-4 it, they can sometimes even avoid tank mines. Also with their turbo, they can often gain access to places no tanks were supposed to be, like the inside of walled-of bases.


    The PPA and the Light PPA are unnervingly effective. With no bullet drop, these things can engage us at quite long distances. I saw Scythes with a Light PPA farming countless kills in choke-points, because they could hover outside lock-on range and they where good enough to kill enemy ESFs.



    There are more balancing issues out there, but I would have to look for suitable evidence for those first.

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    This is unfortunate, the main/only reason I joined the AJSA was for these events. I'll check back in a few months to see if they return. But unless they do I won't really have a reason to participate in AJA. Thank you for the events that you have hosted in the past, but for now I am resigning indefinitely. 

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