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    This Week In Gaming 7-10-18


    Peter Tieryas tells the story of how Harlan Ellison's famous short story became a game, Cecilia D'Anastasio's The Truth About Video Game Addiction, firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions, Ludocriticism's video on The Forest and how it uses the video game medium to enable instead of show, the Waypoint staff talks to 14 developers about how they deal with crunch, Brendan Sinclair interviews Keita Takahashi and learns how he views his career, Warframe shows off new expansion, AI and Games' Behind the AI and Storytelling of Spec Ops The Line, Johnny Cullen on how Journey only truly made sense when almost everything had been cut, multiple indie games get release dates, Raycevick looks at Need for Speed: Most Wanted 13 Years Later, and more.



    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    From pen and paper to Dying Light 2 – Chris Avellone wants to flip the RPG script



    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Alpha Protocol, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and Divinity: Original Sin 2. You might assume this is simply a list of some of the best, most reactive RPGs ever made, but it’s actually just some of the amazing video games Chris Avellone has written for.


    AI: The Somnium Files announced for PS4, Switch, and PC


    During their Anime Expo 2018 panel held just a little bit ago, Spike Chunsoft announced AI: The Somnium Files, the latest title from Zero Escape series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi.


    19 minutes of Anthem gameplay, featuring a gross spider boss


    EA has uploaded the full 19-minute Anthem gameplay demo from this year's E3. There are damage combos and a gross spider boss - come see!

    Anthem's characters are voiced and you can choose their gender


    Anthem’s characters are voiced, and you'll get the choice of a male or female character at the beginning of the game. In a tweet posted earlier today, Anthem’s lead producer, Michael Gamble, confirmed that your character will have a voice actor that you can hear during both cutscenes and gameplay.

    You can turn off Anthem's floating damage numbers


    For me, one of the most jarring things about Anthem’s E3 showing was the revelation that numbers would pop out of enemies as you shoot them, representing the damage you’re dealing. While it's a common trope in RPGs like Diablo, I found that they felt out of touch with Anthem’s overall theme, disrupting the appearance of the beautiful world BioWare has created. Thankfully, however, you can turn them off.

    Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah is answering questions on Twitter


    You've got questions, he's got answers.


    Talim returns in Soulcalibur 6 after skipping the previous game


    The Last Priestess of the Winds returns


    Devotion is hard to come by in Detention’s follow-up


    By digging into the darkness of Taiwan’s past, Red Candle Games’ 2017 sleeper indie horror hit Detention managed to push some buttons that I didn’t know I had. If you haven’t given it a spin, go grab the deluxe edition on Steam, because you’re going to want that soundtrack. You know, for when you need terror to inspire you at the gym, or when you really need to speed-up your nightly jog. Building on the static-obsessed foundations of Detention, the follow-up title Devotion now has a trailer and a plot summary. It looks like Red Candle Games is going to stick to what they do best: teeth-grindingly upsetting history lessons.


    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice promises a thrilling evolution of the Souls formula



    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice isn't exactly Dark Souls with a ninja reskin. For starters, Sekiro's protagonist is a set character, not a customisable avatar as per previous From Software titles. This titular playable character is a ninja sworn to protect a young lord - the ten-year-old boy seen in Sekiro's announcement trailer. There's something special about this boy and his bloodline that makes him a target to outside influences, and a clan called the Ashina send a samurai to capture him. In trying to protect his charge, the ninja hero has his arm cut off and is left for dead, and the young lord is taken. When the hero wakes up, he's got a strange contraption where his arm used to be that From is calling the Shinobi Prosthetic, and it's put there possibly care of the ambiguous character currently referred to as The Sculptor, who does most of the talking in the games's E3 trailer.


    NASCAR Heat 3 deals the dirt to consoles this fall



    Stock car racing explores its roots, and new routes, in September


    Darksiders III Release Date, Early Access and Pre-Order Bonus Details



    Darksiders III, the highly-anticipated action adventure sequel from Gunfire Games, releases in November and we've just discovered the bundles that will be available for the game.


    Dead Island 2 rises from the grave with tower defense tide over


    Dead Island 2 is one of my favorite trailers of all time for a game I’d all but given up on seeing. Back in 2014, the studio Yager was developing the then announced title for Deep Silver, and in 2016 the production was moved to Sumo Digital. As a reminder, it is now 2018, so Dead Island 2 and its Santa Monica-ish muder-setting seem like they have been abandoned. That is, until, Deep Silver dropped a free-to-play tower defense game called Dead Island: Survivors. The Internet has some questions about whether this mobile tie-in was taking the place of the long gestating title, and Deep Silver responded.


    Death end re;Quest coming west in early 2019


    Death end re;Quest, which first launched in Japan in April, is coming west for PlayStation 4 both physically and digitally in early 2019, publisher Idea Factory International announced. It will feature both English and Japanese voice-overs.


    Dead Cells leaves Early Access on August 7, so let's have a look at the new trailer


    The retro-style Castlevania roguelike will be available digitally and in a swanky boxed edition.


    Ghost Parade Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 And PC


    One of Aksys’ Anime Expo 2018 announcements was to reveal it will be publishing Lentera’s action-adventure game, Ghost Parade. It first appeared on Steam Greenlight in November 2015, and will now be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019.


    Terry Cavanagh's next game is a roll-the-bones roguelike called Dicey Dungeons


    Terry Cavanagh, the creator of Super Hexagon, VVVVVV, and Tiny Heist, has revealed that his next project is a roguelike called Dicey Dungeons. Being developed in conjunction with artist Marlowe Dobbe and musician Chipzel (who also did the music for Super Hexagon), Dicey Dungeons features six unique characters battling their way through a pixel art dungeon, with their fates determined by a roll of the dice.


    Indivisible, the RPG from the creators of Skullgirls, gets a stunning anime teaser


    The developers enlisted the help of Studio Trigger, known for Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia.


    Chasm, the procedurally-generated Metroidvania, will arrive at the end of July


    Developer Bit Kid also revealed more about how the game's randomization will work.


    Phantom Doctrine gets a release date and launch trailer


    CreativeForge's espionage tactics game Phantom Doctrine has gotten a new launch trailer ahead of a newly-minted August release date.


    Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ Arrives In North America And Europe In 2019



    One otome game was announced at Aksys’ Anime Expo 2018 panel. Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ will be heading to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe. People will be able to find it in 2019.


    Override: Mech City Brawl - Announcement Trailer


    Pilot mechs and destroy your opponents and cities in this upcoming game when it releases on December 4th.


    God Wars: The Complete Legend ‘The Labyrinth of Yomi’ trailer


    Due out in late August / early September in the west.


    Battle Princess Madelyn, the sidescroller co-created by a 7-year-old, flaunts new gameplay


    Last year, I met Christopher Obritsch, the indie developer whose boss is his 7-year-old daughter Maddie. Under the banner of Causal Bit Games, the pair's debut venture Battle Princess Madelyn is a Ghosts' N Ghouls-inspired retro sidescroller. It's got a new trailer, and a new Kickstarter backer update.


    Monster Hunter: World comes to PC in a month - here are its system requirements



    Monster Hunter: World will launch on Steam on August 9. In a rare exception to the general rule that games get delayed, that's earlier than we were expecting - publisher Capcom had previously planned to launch in autumn. That said, it came out on consoles in January, so.

    Yes, you’ll be able to play Monster Hunter: World on PC at 60fps


    The wait for Monster Hunter: World to hit PC is almost over, as we only have a month to go until the port’s release. It’ll put your computer to work, too, with some fairly stiff recommended specs to reach 1080p at 30fps - and that curious phrasing had some fans wondering if the game would have frame rates capped at 30.

    Monster Hunter: World will use Denuvo on PC


    Bad news if you’re a Monster Hunter fan who’s particular about DRM - Monster Hunter: World will launch with Denuvo Anti-Tamper when it comes to PC next month. Like some of Capcom’s other major PC releases, the game will have an additional layer of DRM in addition to activation on Steam.


    Here’s a first look at the Kill la Kill game


    Arc System Works-published fighter coming in 2019


    Zanki Zero Heading To North America And Europe In Spring 2019


    A release window was revealed for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning at Anime Expo 2018. People in North America and Europe will be able to play it in Spring 2019 on the PlayStation 4 and PC.


    Aksys Bringing Death Mark To North America And Europe



    At Anime Expo 2018, Aksys revealed it is bringing a horror novel that is not an otome game to North America and Europe. The company has picked up Death Mark and will release it on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in both regions. No release date has been announced.


    Warframe's new expansion is a stunning alien landscape full of giant robo-bugs


    Hoverboards, a new race, animal conservation, and giant robot bugs to fight (or run from). And it's all coming this year.

    Warframe is getting co-op spaceship combat that looks like a third-person FTL


    Codename: Railjack will tie Warframe's open worlds, procedurally generated levels, and space combat together in one big package.

    Warframe is getting hoverboards and yes you can do tricks on them


    Now your cyborg ninja can do 360s off of frozen mushrooms because Warframe is just like that.


    Far Cry 5’s second DLC will have you fight Martian spiders next week


    Far Cry 5’s second DLC is set to release soon, with Lost on Mars taking us away from the bounds of planet Earth in favor of more alien locales and exotic enemies. Ubisoft has given us a quick taste with a new teaser trailer, as well as a release date slated for July 17.


    Sonic Mania Plus dev diary teases the new Encore mode


    Sonic Mania was a joy – a true return to form for Sega’s spiky blue mascot. It’s due to get even better later this month. Sonic Mania Plus, is a re-release (available as a $5 upgrade for existing owners) adding two new playable characters from the little-known SegaSonic The Hedgehog arcade game, plus some new content. In the first of a series of developer diaries, we get a peek at the new characters in action. Plus an all-too-brief glimpse at Encore mode; a second loop through the game with new lighting, cutscenes and enemy placement.


    Xbox: Accessible games can “mean the difference between existing and living” for disabled people



    Microsoft continues to position itself as a paragon for inclusivity - but it's also keen to get more developers, publishers and platform holders involved in the conversation.


    Valve Shuts Down New Way Of Estimating Game Sales On Steam



    In April, Valve made changes to Steam that bolstered user privacy while hammering a few nails into the coffin of unofficial sales tracking monolith Steam Spy. The service is not 100 percent dead, but developers have been searching for alternatives. Last month, they found one. Now it’s been shut down, too.


    Tencent is taking on Steam with a global version of WeGame



    The colossal Chinese game publisher Tencent is making a global version of WeGame, its own PC gaming distribution and social platform. WeGame is currently only available in China.


    Guild Wars studio fires two employees after clash with streamer


    Price says that prior to being fired, the company had never discussed her social media presence with her or issued a warning for anything she had posted. “If it was covered in orientation, I wouldn’t know. I got pulled out of orientation to jump into rebreaking the story arc for this season of Living World.” Furthermore, she says ArenaNet was not only aware of her outspoken approach to discussing similar issues on social media but encouraging of it.

    ArenaNet throw two Guild Wars 2 writers to the wolves


    For further context, Jessica Price joined ArenaNet around a year ago and the r/Guildwars2 post announcing her arrival was eventually locked by moderators because some posters took instant umbrage with Price’s Twitter account, fearing that the game might be affected by “SJW agendas.” Price worked previously at Paizo Inc, makers of the Pathfinder pen-and-paper RPG, and had been open on Twitter, in interviews and in PAX panels about sexism in the tabletop industry, including specific instances of harassment she had experienced.

    ArenaNet sends all the wrong messages


    For additional context, Price has been a vocal feminist, as well as a critic and target of misogynist hate groups and those who oppose the very concept of a more inclusive industry.

    It's difficult to parse out how much of the backlash stemmed from players genuinely upset with how a developer addressed a fellow fan, and how much was rooted in opposition to Price's personal beliefs. (Even at an individual level, separating one's feelings about a person's past or politics from their actions in the present can be tricky.) Regardless, the backlash was not exclusively the work of Guild Wars 2 fans or misogynists, even if they both got what they wanted by working together.

    Ask A Game Dev


    Please believe me when I say that every woman I know in game dev has experienced this constantly. The men they speak with - friends, acquaintances, or even just those in polite conversation will assume that position of authority and speak as if they are equals or even more knowledgeable than the female dev, despite the massive difference in experience, contextual knowledge, and training. It happens to them all the time. I have seen it happen countless times firsthand. These men explain to her over and over and over and over how the devs should just do this and not that and it’s so easy and so on and so forth, but they treat her worse than her male colleagues. It isn’t even necessarily because they are doing it consciously or out of ill intent. It’s just that subconscious sense of entitlement and ownership, the same reason that fans of a particular franchise will get bent out of shape if a publisher takes a franchise in a different direction than what they want.

    Statement on the ArenaNet Firings



    ArenaNet’s actions contribute to normalizing a work environment in which employees’ personal social media accounts are monitored, where they are expected to perform PR for their company outside of working hours (with no compensation whatsoever, regardless of whether or not it is part of their job description) and where they can be arbitrarily fired with no warning.

    ArenaNet ‘folded like a cheap card table,’ says fired Guild Wars 2 writer


    “He caved to a handful of people and an army of bots and sock puppets,” she added. “Now he’s got almost every female developer I know — as well as some men — furious with him. I’ve got recruiters pinging me promising they’ll steer candidates away from ArenaNet, and game design professors saying they’re going to warn their students away. I’ve also had a lot of ArenaNet co-workers and other industry colleagues contacting me to express how afraid this has made them.”

    Gamers and managers vs workers: the impossible (and gendered) standards imposed on game developers


    The fact that this keeps happening shows a clear disconnect between the managers in charge of these companies and the actual workers whose creative labour produces the videogames that the companies benefit from. For all the hopeful talk about videogame development becoming more open and more diverse (and indeed it has), many companies are still stuck in their conservative and craven ways, more concerned with placating the boisterous gamer mobs – that the industry itself cultivated as a stable consumer base throughout the 1990s – than with supporting the wellbeing and safety of their workers. The workers are stuck in a bind, flanked by a managerial class on one side that sees them as disposable and a consumer class on the other that sees them as slaves.

    Guild Wars 2 Writers Fired For Calling Out Fan On Twitter


    “[CEO Mike O’Brien] told me I was going to look back and regret this because we were doing amazing work and I ruined it,” Price said. “The only regrets I’ve ever had, however, have been in situations where I didn’t stand up for myself, not ones in which I did, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. My only real regret here is that I encouraged other women to come on board and promised them it was a safe company for them.”

    She said that the Guild Wars 2 community was mostly supportive. The problem, in her eyes, is that studios tend to structure themselves around the small percentage that isn’t.


    I'm sure all the people having tantrums are also sending 100s of messages to Stardock, Quantic Dream, and Warhorse Studios demanding that their CEOs are removed or leave the company for doing things that are actually bad, repeatedly, for years.


    Todd Howard: Service-based Fallout 76 doesn't mark the future direction of Bethesda



    "Anyone who has ever said 'this is the future and this part of gaming is dead' has been proven wrong every single time"


    Controversial streamer Phantoml0rd threatens to sue popular Twitch subreddit mods



    James “Phantoml0rd” Varga is currently in a legal battle with Twitch over his high-profile ban in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped him from threatening to file another lawsuit.


    Destiny fans raise $50,000 in 30 minutes, forcing charity stream hosts to tattoo their butts



    GuardianCon is an annual two-day gaming convention held in Tampa, Florida, but for many people the event is all about the week-long charity livestream marathon leading up to the convention itself. GuardianCon 2018 kicked off its 'Charity Blitz' earlier this week, with all proceeds going toward St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and it's seen a bunch of fun streams since, with many streamers offering amusing donation milestones like shaving their eyebrows or wearing flamboyant cosplay. At the time of writing, the event has raised over $1.7 million of its $2.4 million goal (the daily operating cost of St. Jude).


    We Happy Few's Australian sales ban has been overturned



    We Happy Few will be sold in Australia, following an appeal to overturn a ban by the country's classification board.


    France says loot boxes aren't gambling



    The French gambling regulator has ruled that loot boxes do not constitute gambling. In a report issued last week, regulatory body the Autorité de Regulation des Jeux en Ligne (ARJEL) stated that while there are some similarities between loot boxes in popular online games and gambling, they are not in breach of the country’s gambling laws.


    Spiritual successor to the original Star Wars Battlefront gets gameplay vid


    Not everyone loves the new version of Star Wars: Battlefront. Some people (and I’m just vaguely referencing the general concept of people, not saying that this is something that I PERSONALLY FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT) some of these people, well, they like the old SWBFs. When the cancelled Free Radical shooter developed Star Wars: Battlefront 3 had footage leaked to the internet, a group of fans saw the potential of these ideas and set out to make their own finished project in the same vein. Things did not go well.


    The 80s and 90s PC games still unbelievably being updated today



    They may have arrived decades ago, but the work (and play) continues.


    Esports News


    You can now be paid £1,500 a year to play esports titles at university



    If you’ve ever wanted to launch a glistening esports career alongside your university studies, you’re in luck. The University of Roehampton has launched the UK's first ever esports scholarship, awarded to talented students who show a clear interest in the growing esports industry.


    Women in Games launches strategy on improving gender diversity in esports



    "In the core 18-24 age group the lack of awareness was 19 per cent of men and 52 per cent of women," said Women in Games. "The 'awareness gap' between genders creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that allows some men in esports to say that women are not interested in esports."


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    We Asked Nintendo, Microsoft, and 12 Other Devs How They Deal With Crunch



    Some didn't want to talk about it, others praised governments with pro-labor laws, and most were somewhere in-between.


    The Truth About 'Video Game Addiction'



    When one of World of Warcraft’s top ten guilds recruited Cam as their chief hunter, his suicidal thoughts surged. To earn the enviable invitation, Cam had spent 16 hours a day grinding on WoW, to the detriment of everything else. He told his father he’d scored a job at a local restaurant, but every day after his dad dropped him off at the McDonald’s across the street, Cam would hop the first bus home and log back on. There was no job. There would be no paycheck. Cam’s only obligation was to his night elf hunter, and it was an all-consuming commitment.


    How Harlan Ellison’s Most Famous Short Story Became An Amazing Video Game



    The first time that Cyberdreams producer David Mullich showed author Harlan Ellison a page of the dialogue he’d written for the 1995 game based on his short story “I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream,” Ellison asked, “Who wrote this shit?” When Mullich replied that he had, Ellison got visibly embarrassed and apologized. “No, that’s all right,” Mullich replied. “It is shit compared to your writing. So, take it and make it better.”


    How Journey only truly made sense when almost everything had been cut



    Jenova Chen, the co-founder of Thatgamecompany and creative director of Journey, played a lot of World of Warcraft during grad school. And he always knew that he wanted to make an MMO one day - a form of games that are synonymous, rightly or wrongly, with scope and scale.

    And yet when Chen started to make games, the games his studio turned out tended to be small - or at least they seemed small, before you got properly into them. In Flow, you are a tiny amoeba or some such, swimming about in the watery deep. In Flower, you are a handful of petals riding the winds. These games are beautiful, but, they remain compact - nothing like the sprawl of a Warcraft.


    The negativity of Keita Takahashi



    The developer behind Wattam and Katamari Damacy has spent his career trying to show the potential of games, but doesn't think he's been successful


    The New Vid Economy: Making A Living From Crowdfunded Game Analysis


    Almost four years ago, Mark Brown posted a YouTube video on adaptive soundtracks in games. The piece, snappily edited and confidently narrated, could have stood alone as a neat look behind the curtain at the tricks used by designers when creating a musical score that reacts to the player’s actions. However, the quality of Mark Brown’s first video served a larger purpose: a statement of intent. More than 90 videos and 450,000 subscribers later, Game Maker’s Toolkit has proven itself to be a wide-ranging, insightful, and consistent source of game analysis on YouTube.


    Rare Finished Making A Battletoads For Game Boy That Never Came Out



    Hunters of long-lost video games can now add another one to the wish list: Battletoads: The Arcade Game for the Game Boy.


    The European TV channel making documentaries with video games



    Arte project manager Adrien Larouzée tells us why games are the perfect storytelling media to spread culture from the continent


    How one person created the lushly organic world of Ghost Of A Tale



    Every time I see Ghost Of A Tale I’m taken aback by its beauty. Its world of cracked flagstones, knurled furniture, twisting passages, haphazard towers and lush vegetation looks like it’s truly lived in by its population of woodland creatures; by authoritarian rats, scurrying criminal mice and pirate frogs


    The Story Behind Ultima’s Morality



    The Quest Of The Avatar Is Forever


    KOTOR II - Hatred & Creativity | Core Ideas


    Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is one of the most introspective looks into the Star Wars universe. Written by gaming veteran Chris Avellone, KOTOR II's development process was fueled by hatred but used to channel creativity in an introspective fashion. Something it taught me over a decade after its release.


    The Forest Review/Critique: Enable, Don't Show


    This essay is a review and critique of the 2018 game The Forest, and how it uses the video game medium to enable instead of show. It's an old axiom for fiction to show and not tell, but video games are positioned differently. Without much of a narrative, The Forest still manages to be unique in how it uses what little of it it does have. It's also precisely why the PC needs and open climate to smaller games—which isn't really an issue anymore, but it's still nice to see why it can be such a good thing. For a team of more or less four people, Endnight Games, it's a triumph.


    Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet | Forgotten Gems


    To support my channel, consider joining my Patreon! http://ragnarrox.com/patreon/

    Today, we're revisiting Shadow of the Comet, the first graphic adventure set in H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu universe, released in 1993 by the French developer infogrames.


    Need for Speed: Most Wanted... 13 Years Later


    0:00 - Intro
    2:56 - Pre-Production
    8:06 - Rockport Racing
    23:23 - Ports
    31:57 - Conclusion

    *Links to GrandTheftAero & elaymm4 who were vital in piecing together the game's history.

    Support the Channel at: https://www.patreon.com/raycevick or http://paypal.me/LucasRaycevick


    Klonoa: Door to Phantomile | Legendary



    Kingdom Hearts 2 Retrospective


    Let me explain, through retrospective, why Kingdom Hearts 2 ought to blow your socks off.

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kingdomklannad


    Behind the AI and Storytelling of Spec Ops: The Line | AI and Games



    The Music & Sound of Bethesda Game Studios (Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout)


    Mark Lampert details the work that goes into designing the soundscape of a Fallout and Elder Scrolls games and tells us about the work of composers Jeremy Soule & Inon Zur.

    Noclip's work is 100% crowdfunded. Consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noclip


    New Vegas's Cut Content Shows A Much Different Game


    A new video series called “The Cutting Room Floor” delves into the cut content of Fallout: New Vegas, and host Griffin Lambert sorts out information gleaned from strategy guides, patch changes, game files, and dialogue to paint a picture of what New Vegas was meant to be.


    Famicom Wars! Nintendo Vs. Sharp: The Unknown Copyright Dispute + Twin Famicom Story - GTV


    GTV 59 "Famicom Wars! Nintendo Vs. Sharp" Sharp sold a Famicom (ファミコン) in 1979!? It forced Nintendo to use the name Family Computer. Where does the Twin Famicom fit in all this? Learn all about the unknown copyright dispute 40 years ago!

    Support & Invest In GTV! http://bit.ly/GTVpatreon

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    User Feedback

    "firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,"


    What is that quote about? Jessica Price justifiablywas sacked for attacking community members offering perfectly reasonable feedback on social media, thus misrepresenting Arenanet whilst making a complete fool of herself by playing the gender card what that nothing to do with it. Her colleague defended her actions and got the boot to, and that may have been a bit harsh, but it is understandable.

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    5 hours ago, Shagger said:

    "firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,"


    What is that quote about? Jessica Price justifiablywas sacked for attacking community members offering perfectly reasonable feedback on social media, thus misrepresenting Arenanet whilst making a complete fool of herself by playing the gender card what that nothing to do with it. Her colleague defended her actions and got the boot to, and that may have been a bit harsh, but it is understandable.

    Well, thankfully, essentially no one of any importance in the industry with knowledge of the industry or development that focuses on or has a history of workers rights, community management, actually working on games, or dealing with the culture that knows the problems that a major company trying to turn firing of employees into a positive PR spin agrees with you. Even just having a passable understanding of the way language and society works and seeing the way the other person was talking clearly shows what an extremely offensive and disingenuous thing it is to say that she was playing the gender card or the victim, even more so when the guy clearly would have been doing the same by any definition if that was true and was certainly not being respectful or reasonable.

    I don't know what you would mean by what is the quote about, a very large number of community managers/developers/writers from Remedy/Arkane/Bioware/Arena/Ubisoft/Harebrained Schemes/Night in the Woods/Frog Fractions/etc, former developers, multiple industry organizations, pretty much every journalists from (Eurogamer/Polygon/PCgamesn/PCgamer/Kotaku/USgamer/Paste/Waypoint/Verge/etc, people from the tabletop community like the current D&D creative director and creator, educators that are training people to work in the industry and put them in contact with future jobs, most any Youtubers that makes more intellectual focused content outside of just ranting about current news they got from gaming sites, voice actors like Ashly Burch, developer associations, etc all seem to have made it very clear in the above section what that quote means and how things influence the wider industry. I mean, there is literally an article included from one of the main global union advocate organizations writing about the situation and how their membership increased partly due to it and literally a company response to the multiple people sending them messages to try to get women that work with them fired and an Arkane developer with multiple people sending messages to her employer to try to get her fired, I don't really see how the quote you are asking about could be more clear from all the articles and responses that I posted to go along with it.

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    I'm a union member all be it in a very different industry, and have been working post college for over a decade, so I know a thing or two about workers  rights and professionalism again. True, I have never worked in the gaming industry, but I do work in an industry whare mostly males are employed in it, if not deliberately so. Like gaming, it is a industry trying hard to create more diversity in the workplace, although may actually may not have made as much progress as gaming has. So let me tell you something as a professional. When it comes to equality, fair treatment and interaction with clients, partners, colleges, customers and visitors, be it past, current or potential future. There is a certain standard expected with that regardless of where you are in a company. From janitor to CEO, they all have a part to play. That is blanket for any industry, not just gaming, and it's a standard Jessica Price did not adhere to. That's why she lost that job. She may have pent up bitterness from bad experiences at that or any other job in the past, abd my sympathies to her if that's so, but the community member she attacked was not responsible for any of that, so what right does she have to last out at him. None,


    Thats not my real issue with this anyway. I just feel you pushing a very personal one side bias on this whoal controversy that, and buy quite the majority based on what I've seen, the community does not agree with you on. If it were me, I'd check my own opinion at the door and just post facts, or at least opinion pieces that cover both sides of the story regardless of how I felt about it. You're "articles" are blatantly one sided. I didn't even see a screenshot of the very tweets that started this whole thing and I know why, because they show Jessica, and thus your argument, in a bad light.


    This is a front page article. Just like Jessica, it doesn't matter if it's you who wrote and/or complied it, it goes at least in part to representing us as a community wether that be the intention or not. That's, again just like Jessica, unprofessional.


    I think I speak for most of us when we appreciate the TWIG series. I don't always have to to read as the post are very long, but the effort is clear to see I when I do check it out I see stories, news and updates that I don't see anywhere else. Thus, my appricaition for it is absolute. Thank you for the effort, and I mean it. But if the point of it was for you to bolster your own personal opinions on topics like this than I take all that thanks back because I clearly misunderstood what the purpose was from the start.

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