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  1. its May not March
  2. Guild invite sent! Welcome! Welcome Guild invite sent!
  3. Hey shadow I couldn't send you a guild invite because account not found. Guild invite sent!
  4. Guild invites sent test
  5. This is a directory to find all the qualified players in the Angry Army (NA) who have made a crafting focus on provisioning who want to be found, sell, or trade their products. Want to be on the list? PM me (Papabear) with your skill rank, specialization, User ID , and a brief description. Requirements to be in the Directory 1. At least ranked 15 in provisioning 2. Member of the AJSA ESO NA GUILD Master Chefs Directory- Ordered by Highest to Lowest Skill Level in Provisioning 1. @Papabear2009, Skill: 50, no specialization. I sell or trade food and beverages for cooking or enchanting mats/recipes found in Grahtwood or better zones. No freebies 2. @epicmsooth, Skill : 30, no specialization.
  6. ***SENT @papabear2009
  7. I might be able to take you up upon that offer but if i'm not there before 7 just start without me.
  8. Be nice if we can get some discussion about this with the people who will be setting up the guild on launch. We have primarily been on Axe of Belharza but I think with the launch of ESO the top 3 will be quite crowed. That isn't a bad thing if we want to be on a high populated server with many large fights breaking out all during prime time its just when we want to set up a large groups it could be hard for players to join in if there is high queue waits I think if we join a campaign in the 5th or 6th population slot we will find that sweet spot with a good population but with no long queue waits. Obviously lets not pick something too low on the list because it will just be small fights and one sided most of the time.
  9. I'm going to focus hard on enchanting, alchemy, and cooking.
  10. fellowship of the scrolls i will be online until my body gives out! who else is with me?!
  11. I want to see the christmas critters quest line DLC
  12. thanks everyone! If you anyone here has a restaurant that wants the #1 platform for mobile app and online ordering just let us know or contact me. AJSA marketing FTW! lol.
  13. Just landed a new job at a software company called Tap to Eat. Now I can easily afford them Elder Scrolls collector edition! Now I look down on those peasants running like damn animals! F*** Yeah Horses!