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  1. I beat ornstein and smough on my first ever time figthing them in darks souls. I was very shocked as my friends had told me I would never get past it also getting a penta kill in smite was pretty cool.
  2. I want this game but im not sure if im gonna get a ps4 . God dam you infamous for being an exclusive and not being on pc!!!!! hope angry joe does a review of it when it comes out thought.
  3. The Infamous Games, Dishorned and a angry rant about Diablo 3.Also id love to see a assassins creed black flag review as im not sure about getting it,
  4. Mass effect 2 and 100% FTL loved the soundtrack for that game and ummmmmm I have no idea about a third one.
  5. Hey nice to meet you please dont shoot me.
  6. Im pretty sure it was the first crash banicoot game for the playstion 1
  7. Hello im a sixteen year old gamer from the uk.I like most types games from civ 5 to smite to dark souls to battle field 3(haven't got 4 yet hoping to get it soon ) Ive been a fan of angry joe ever since his mass effect 3 review. Im looking to get involed more with other gamers so if you ever want to play any muiltplayer games or talk about game releated stuff just add me on skype or steam. I do own a ps3 buts it stopped working lately . This is me --------------> p.s My names not Ed Skype: edfriedrice my steam name is the same.
  8. Is the game allowed to be muiltplayer ?? If so smite and civilization 5 brave new world . If not, dark souls and civilization 5 brave new world