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halo masterchief

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  1. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by SmiteDown in hello everyone im really excited to be here :D   
    hello everyone from the AJSA im super excited to be apart of the AJSA and  here with all of you and i hope i get  meet all of you in time as i am here .   i have always wanted to join the AJSA since i started watching angry joe and other joe as well as the  movies reviews with Delrith,  and i got to admit i i found my gaming home with all of you  i love the rules that are in place for this great community  i feel like i can really game knowing there are many  great people  involved in this great place   the two major places i play games on are ps4 and pc   and i hope to add a lot of you  to my friends list and get to game out with you   i would also like to thank angry joe and other joe  and everyone else  who help make the AJSA for giving a place for gamers like me to call home and be part of a community packed with great people  <3 
    Love SmiteDown  
  2. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by DebeliZmaj in Hello from me 👋👋   
    My name is Ivan,  35 year and i  coming  from  Serbia, currently living in Denmark  and working here
    I am on ps4 platform playing  
    Destiny 2
    Division 1
    Ghost recon 
    Anthem ( stoped playing after update) 
  3. RuneX liked a post in a topic by halo masterchief in Hey...   
    Welcome to the AJSA. Glad to have you here.
  4. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by ShadyIMG in Hey...   
    I'm ShadyIMG. Just another average gamer. I work retail selling electronics to people and much more. If I have time, and in the mood, I play video games and seek to entertain people. I play on PC, PS4, and Switch. 
  5. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Black Desert Online Xbox   
    With bdo coming to xbox im currently setting up a clan with possibility of turning it into a full guild later. If any are interested in joining on xbox hit me up. My gamertag is also foxhart. 
  6. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by AtlasX in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamertag Ryman217 Games I Like To Play: blackops, siege, wildlands, Minecraft, red dead Time Zone eastern
  7. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Angry Army - Xbox One Division Gamertag List

    Welcome to the new and improved AJSA Xbox One Gamertag list! Here in this thread, if you are OK with sharing your Gamertag and being added by other members of the community, reply to this post with the following information:
    Gamertag Games You Like To Play Time Zone If you just have an Xbox 360 (but are looking to get an Xbox One) or play on Xbox One via Windows 10, don't hesitate to add your Gamertag to this list. Please out of courtesy when adding someone from the list simply send the recipient a message introducing yourself and saying you're from the AJSA so folks know who you are. Thank you!
    This will be an easy and effective way for you to meet new friends in the Xbox community. Adding your Gamertag to this list is a good first step to get yourself involved in the community. We offer Weekly Events across a variety of video games and other activities that will keep you engaged and gaming with your fellow comrades in the Angry Army. We additionally have an AJSA Xbox One Club that serves as a key activity hub for Xbox One Division members. 
    Any questions? Please contact me on the forums at @RuneX.
    All Gamertags will be updated to the original post to this thread to generate one, easy to view list.
    AJSA Xbox One Gamertag List
    Chaz Pounder
    Skippy McDuck
    Shad0w St1ckman
    ND pio 24
    Free Loader86
    GunDaM AnGeL 13
  8. RuneX liked a post in a topic by halo masterchief in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    My gamer tag is Angryfuzzball68 and  my time zone is eastern. I like to play mainly anything and if we have the same games we’ll play together.
  9. halo masterchief liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in PS4 Division PSN ID List   
    This thread is a collection of AJSA member’s PSN IDs, creating a focus list rather than scattering ourselves among separate post. If you’re willing to share your PSN ID and being added by other AJSA members, reply to this post. Not only can you find new friends, but you’ll have the chance to take part in our community in other ways like the PS4 AJSA Chatrooms and PS4 Weekly Events. Don’t forget when sending a Friend Request to another AJSA members PSN ID simple add in your message ‘AJSA’ so members know who is adding them.
    Add This Along With Your PSN ID Post (optional)
    Games that you’re currently playing. Games that you’re looking forward to playing. Whether you’ve a PS4, PS Vita, and/or PS3. Whether you wish to join the PlayStation 4 AJSA Rooms (click here to learn more) Please read and understand the AJSA Code of Conduct (click here to learn more) Without this community growing, respecting one another, and always having someone to play with we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have already. Always remember, without you guys none of this couldn’t be possible. Thank you from all of us at the PlayStation 4 Division Staff.
    The Old PSN ID List (archived): http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/35715-playstation-4-psn-id-list/