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  1. I'm currently playing the game (on PC, still on my first playthrough, 100 hours in). This is my first Piranha Bytes game, so I had no prior experience with Risen or Gothic. Up to now I rather like the game. The 3 factions (not counting the Albs) are admittedly a little stereotypical, but still interesting. Each of them has their own culture, their own goals, and their own reasons for doing things the way they do. You learn about their history not only by talking with NPCs, but also from texts and voice recordings you discover as you explore the open world. The landscape is beautiful, even though not on the level of Witcher 3 or Skyrim. The character models and animations are serviceable, although there appears to be an odd lack of variation with the female models. The quests aren't stellar, but interesting and diverse enough. How you complete the quests and the way you respond to NPCs affects your chances of joining one of the factions (for instance, I botched several of the Berserker quests and got banned from trading in Goliet until I was able to buy my way back in). I didn't like the combat too much. Not only are the enemies ridiculously strong in the beginning (which, from what I heard, is the way Piranha Bytes games are), but attack/defense/dodge don't feel as responsive as combat in Witcher 3 was. By following a couple simple rules I was able to get by, though: Complete quests. Complete quests. Complete. Quests. Stick to the roads. Get a companion and have him or her accompany you. Find high ground where enemies can't reach you and kill them from a distance (one combat trainer literally recommends that at some point). He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day. Also, disable auto lock-on. That is probably the worst mechanic in the entire game. It happened to me more than once that in a group fight the current target was killed mid-combo, so the next innocent bystander got locked-on and attacked, turning them from neutral to hostile. Or that I automagically ran towards an enemy instead of away, because I hadn't sheathed my weapon. *sigh* Still, for me the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Not to mention the total lack of loot boxes. Or microtransactions. I would rate it 7/10. Maybe 8/10 if the story has a satisfying conclusion. If you enjoyed Witcher 3 and Skyrim then you'll probably like Elex as well.