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  • Birthday 11/28/1991

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  1. my ID: kyokitsune
  2. I love Red Orchestra 2. I wonder if Rising Storm will be played too.
  3. I would pass on Left 4 dead and get Vermintide. It is so much better and refined over l4d.
  4. If battlefield 5 doesn't lock half the weapon mod behind a random chance paywall like BF4, it will be a big plus. And yes you can get them free but it is still random i would rather just grind them out.
  5. If you don't want to buy gold, you use my battalion wail you save up the in game money. I am just putting this out there because I'm the only one in it.I would like to put some use to it, even only temporary.
  6. i added you.
  7. any one see the April Fools day update. It is very fun. Check it out if you haven't.
  8. I want to see how many people are still playing and to hopefully play together. I am kyokitsune in game. I am also kyokitsune in Armored Warfare for those that play one or both. I hope to see you on the battlefield!
  9. I would love for it come back. I just wonder how much is left after Disney shutdown Lucas Arts studios. Isn't the only part left the legal team to watch over the Star Wars ip. It has been gone for 3 years, so it might be for the best if it doesn't.
  10. I'll participate if a group gets together sure. For Russ and the Allfather.
  11. I applied. Never played this with a group , so this might back into some BF4.
  12. Hi AJSA, I came for the great community and to find some good play groups. I play a lot of War Thunder, modern military shooters, and indies. I'll play just about anything Warhammer 40k or fantasy.But I am willing to try most any game. I try and stream on weekends if I can find the time, maybe see some of you about. I hope this is a great future we have. Kyokitsune