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  1. it is really fun
  2. how many people here have heard, seen, or are part of the alpha testing for the upcoming game Escape From Tarkov?
  3. Excatly
  4. i get Joe's opinion on call of duty he doesn't like it much, however like most people who dont like call of duty Joe seemed to focus on the multiplayer and campaign only and im not trying to change his opinion on that, no i just feel like he hasn't done a full sweep of everything Call of Duty has to offer. I know ive been pushing this a lot but with the new zombies map in Black ops 3 being released on PC and Xbox i really feel like Joe should look at the zombies mode which ( in my opinion ) is the only thing that is keeping Call of Duty alive despite all of Corporate Commanders sinister ideas in the multiplayer mode. Now if somehow Joe reads this or if someone tells him about this topic please let me in contact with him as there is some stuff he should know if he wants to have a good time playing Zombies. This is not an excuse to talk to Joe if hes not interested in playing Zombies he does not need to contact me and if he is interested im only saying he SHOULD contact me not that HE HAS TO, it is so he can start playing COD zombies with someone who is familiar with the mode and can walk him through its elements. Like i said he doesn't have to play it if he doesn't want to although i would strongly recommend he does. Im not posting this as an excuse just to play with him or talk to him but seeing how big the Call of Duty zombies community is and how different it is from the multiplayer, Call of Duty zombies is definitely something that i think joe would like as most people who used to hate Call of Duty ( myself included ) grew to enjoy it thanks to zombies.
  5. Cod zombies is defense/horde mode well at least the older maps are. The newer maps offer lots of things to expand the basic defense mode and so far 2 maps actually have an ending that the players can choose to achieve or play normally
  6. not true those games have their own way of doing zombies and no game does zombies the way call of duty does
  7. well he missed out on what made black ops 3 popular in my opinion
  8. im assuming he only played the campaign? or multiplayer?
  9. beside on joes advanced warfare review he gave the whole game a rating and then he rated the single player and multiplayer separately
  10. what i would do is review the zombies mode separately
  11. whatever
  12. well the thing is we already know what joes opinion on campaign and multiplayer is but the zombies mode has a whole different community than the multiplayer zombies is like its own separate game
  13. im talking about the zombies only where there is no supply drops
  14. I get joes opinion on call of duty i really do but the thing is hes only looked at the multiplayer aspect of the games and the campaign which i agree aren't very good but thats not why i play call of duty because the zombies mode of world at war, black ops, black ops 2, and black ops 3 is what keeps me from leaving the game it would be interesting to see joe see the other side of call of duty
  15. so i could've worded it a little better but actually most reviews of the game were done way after the release and this isnt a normal FPS game so how about i say this " i would LIKE for joe to check out the game and possibly review it even though the probability of him doing so is 50000 to 1"