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  1. So my "What is your favorite GTA game" post blew up and I'm really surprised. Thanks to all who took some time and told what was the GTA game you enjoyed! But aren't here to talk about GTA, we are here to talk about Fallout, a post apocalyptic role playing franchise that was one of the most iconic franchise of it's genre. From the first game, which started it all, to fallout new vegas which combined Fallout 1 and 2 with the improvement to fallout 3. What is your favorite Fallout game? Leave your answer(s) down below.
  2. So we all know That Grand theft auto is one of the most iconic gaming brand in the market today. It had a bunch of stellar games from the revolutionary Grand theft auto 3 to San Andreas which rockstar went all out and made a massive world with RPG elements. But I was wondering, what is your favorite GTA game? Leave your input at the bottom.
  3. Honestly the whole reason why i bought No Man's Sky was because of the NEXT update. as of now i'm liking the game. Sorry for bring up this old post.
  4. Game: Red Dead Redemption Platform: Xbox One (Backwards compatibility) Time: I guess about 20 Hours. This game, for me was special. This game was one of the first games i played from Rockstar, and let me tell you, they made a good impression for me. this game has a great story that I Like replaying to this day. The Characters were well written, with my favorite being The Main protagonist, John Marston. The world itself had tons of stuff to do, with these Strangers located around the game world to do these mini-quests while not on the Main Story. the Combat was nothing to write home about, but it get the job done. the the locations were interesting from the northern Areas in New Elizabeth like Blackwater to the deserts in Nuevo Paradiso. But i felt that the game had unnecessary filler missions, like those damn herding missions. Overall, I like Red Dead Redemption. It's a great game that I will remember fondly, and can't wait to see what happens in the Sequel.
  5. Well it was fun while it lasted. Here’s to a 5th year for the AJSA and our moments as a clan. Let’s kick some ass and have fun.
  6. Hmm... I wonder what will happen when titanfall 2 comes out and it's original game will have in store. Maybe it will be shut down. Maybe it will still run as normal. Maybe it gets new content. IDK. But what do you think? Because I like titanfall, but its aging and it's going to change eventually.
  7. well, destiny 2 gameplay reveal is here. Well all aboard the hype train I guess.
  8. So I been wondering, will there be a overwatch 2? Because since overwatch sold very well, I’m expecting blizzard to make a sequel sometime soon.
  9. Well I felt that bungie was too lazy on balancing PVP because they take way too long on addressing that it’s not balanced and how people only use 1 or 2 weapons. If you like it’s PVP, good for you but I hate it because of how boring, unbalanced and tedious it is and will be.
  10. I’m mostly a PVE player in destiny 2, as I prefer doing Strikes, public events and more then the crucible. It just feel like destiny never had a good PVP. It was like that since destiny 1. But lately, destiny 2’s PVP was just awful. It’s plauged with maps that, while good looking, were designed poorly, unbalanced weapons to the max, with MIDA tools and Uriel’s gift everywhere, and really annoying time to kill. This is just my thoughts. Yours might be different, and I respect that. What are your opinions.
  11. Another company shut down by a shitty company that is greedy as hell and will ruin the gaming industry.
  12. destiny

    I'll see you there.
  13. Here's the Beta schedule for people interested in destiny 2 beta for Xbox one, PlayStation 4, And PC.
  14. networking

    AJSA Valkyric(e). Game's I like: destiny, overwatch, fallout games, Paradox games, and to say the least, most of the GTA games. I live in the East time zone. Glad to help out with new members.
  15. Thanks.
  16. https://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FDCK3Q7zVYAUU9lZ.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fbungie%2Fstatus%2F874463204247691264&docid=7F73wfCLUBa6AM&tbnid=wk2oPbvUnFZM8M%3A&vet=1&w=668&h=622&hl=en-us&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim sorry if I did it by URL, I could not save the image.
  17. Frankly, I hate how they this game has expansion packs, because if the game launches like destiny 1, then they will lock content on the disc then sell it again as DLC.
  18. I'm excited for the game too. Let's hope it's life cycle does not scream laziness.
  19. Yeah, I really hate microtransactions because they are there to people who want stuff to buy with real money. If destiny 2 has indeed microtransactions, it better be cosmetic like in destiny 1, or else, ho boy, the controversy will spread like a disease.
  20. NOTICE: Ok, so this is the final "what is your favorite (insert franchise)" post I'll make, so just a warning. So to end the trilogy, Which started with Grand theft auto and fallout as the franchises I picked for the post theme, I'll talk about what is your favorite Assassin's creed game? Ok? Good. so we all know assassin's creed. It's one of Ubisoft's best selling franchise and one of the best franchise in gaming right now. But there is many games in the franchise. I ask, one more time, what is your favorite game in this franchise. Leave your opinion down below.
  21. Battlefield 1 is a great Game and we all know that. But it's multiplayer has a nuisance which not only me but others find annoying, grenade spam. From gas grenades to Anti tank grenades, this is annoying feature that dice should fix later on. heres an article about it. http://kotaku.com/looking-to-end-grenade-spam-battlefield-1-gives-everyo-1793580220
  22. Can't wait. Though maybe for the Sunday events maybe we can do titanfall? Have not had a event on there in a while.
  23. Holy shit! The destiny 2 trailer is out. It looks awesome. Looks like our stuff is gone, but time to start fresh. here's the trailer for destiny 2:
  24. #Fatebringer. cant wait for this update. It's going to be one hell of a month.
  25. Yep no problem.