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  1. PHIL0S0PHY liked a post in a topic by SgtAgee in PHILOSOPHY's member introduction   
    Welcome to the the AJSA!
    I think me and you have the same tastes.
    you on PS4
  2. SgtAgee liked a post in a topic by PHIL0S0PHY in PHILOSOPHY's member introduction   
    Hello, I am PHILOSOPHY. My gamertag is KSI Change 7. I am here to engage in discussion and meet new people.
    I have been watching the AngryJoeShow for years, but lately I have been appreciating the reviews on the channel more lately, and I am not watching every video that comes out. 
    I have decided to join the Angry Army. Am I apart of the Angry Army by being active on the forums, or do I have to talk to certain people about joining like a gaming community/clan?
    My favorite games are(in no order)
    Kotor 1 and 2
    Fallout New Vegas
    Mass Effect 2
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age Origins
    Fallout 3
    Mass Effect 3
    The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
    TES Skyrim
    Fable 1 and 2
    Halo 1-3
    Cod 2, 4, World at War
  3. SgtAgee liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Gaming Backgrounds   
    Such a thread would belong in the Fan Art Sub-Forum, and there may even be something there already. Truthfully, an internet search my be more worth your while.