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  1. I really gave it a shot. I'm an old-school grinder so i thought i could hang longer than i did, but after twenty-five hours with that horrible inventory design i'm done--haven't played it in two weeks. I'm probably going to delete it soon to make room on my hard drive.
  2. Eeh a five out of ten...guess I was being optimistic after all.
  3. I respect all of your opinions. Shit, I hope i'm wrong! Still a 7. My reason for picking 7 is pure gut instinct combined with all of the playable footage and articles I've watched and read thus far. When i hear more about the story, my prediction will likely change. Right now I believe Joe will rate it a 7, but I hope I'm wrong and it's a 10!
  4. EPILOGUE: I ended up buying The Order:1886 and then Tomb Raider for five bucks more. Tomb Raider was a splurge buy--i WAS protesting against the series for not porting Rise of the Tomb Raider our way at launch, but in the end i said fuck it and fuck them--take my damn five dollars. plus i hear it's actually a pretty good game, way better than The Order at least. Speaking of which, i played The Order for five minutes, then went back to building ugly settlements in Fallout 4. The End
  5. PSN--Quicklerner Current Games until I get bored as fuck of them and play new ones: Minecraft, Diablo 3, GTA 5, Borderlands 2
  6. Is The Order:1886 worth six dollars? Will I feel ripped off? It looks great, but...
  7. I'm new to the series like you, and I recently finished Drake's Fortune and I'm halfway through the second one and I gotta say, I'm glad I'm playing the trilogy before Uncharted 4. Uncharted 2 is awesome so far and I'm emotionally invested in the cast. Plus, I love shooting motherfuckers in the face with shotguns (in video games). Awesome gunplay. That being said, the first game is dated compared to the second, and you're going to wonder how you're being attacked by twenty dudes with machine guns in locations supposedly untouched by man for hundreds of years. And there are generators and lights in these "untouched" areas. Starting the second Uncharted after just beating the first is like stepping out of a time machine into a futuristic city of glass. All of that being said...play the trilogy.