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    Bosnia and Herzegovina
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    League of Legends, Planetside(im low lvl), RPG, MMO..
  1. For everyone whos wondering how Yasuo plays here is a video about him
  2. So i just watched new TB's video about NFS Rivals. This is really ridiculous, i really dont know what to say. No comment. Just watch the video and you will see what im talking about. Opinions? Were you gonna get the game, and if you were planning does stuff like this put you off?
  3. Whadya mean like this? Chat Rules •No sexual, religious, racist or political discussions/topics. •No Verbal abuse •No Offensive Language •No Advertising •No Links •No Trolling in a harmful manner. •No Challenging the Mods •And most of all Be Respectful to Everyone Violating any or all chat rules could result in a 600sec (10mins) Timeout and/or ban. You also might add some of yours like : •Dont fuck around with the Lord Commander Angry Joe and •No pointless negative comments (pointless as in not constructive) I dunno, thats what i could find, most of the channels use those or very similar rules...
  4. Ok, so i dont know how many of you watched AJ's stream last night, but if you did you would knew that he got really pissed off at one point at what people were writing in the chat and said "Im never streaming gameplay again btw". Here is the link to when it happens: http://www.twitch.tv/m/308835 Now lemme give you a bit of backstory. So Joe was really tired, the game was at a really repetitive scene, and he died couple of times and seemed abit upset. At some point Joe meleed a explosive spider out of boredom at this smartass from the chat says something like : he says he knows so much about the game and he just meleed an explosive spider... Of course that pissed off Joe so he tells the guy hes being a smartass and that they should stop, after which some more trolls start saying: "Unfair review incoming". Now that completely pissed Joe off after which he said that hes not gonna stream gameplay again. After that Joe explains how he cant ignore the trolls and he cares about what everyone thinks and he cant shut himself off for the negative comments. Link: http://www.twitch.tv/m/308872 And I respect that, the man loves his followers and cares about them, however, Joe if you are reading this lemme tell you something right now, ive seen many streams, for all sorts of games, and not matter the game, be it LoL, WoW, Dota, Hearthstone or any other singleplayer game, EVERY SINGLE ONE has the same problem. I swear, there is NO STREAM that doesnt have stupid people bitching about stupid stuff, that doesnt have trolls wanting to ruin the fun. And since you cant ignore them i have a suggestion. Now, i dont know how many mods you currently have on twitch, but it definitely isnt enough. What you need is atleast 2 or more mods always online when u are streaming. And these mods cant be afraid of banning people. I recommend starting with 500 second bans if somebody says something stupid, followed with a much longer ban, and than if he still talks shit permament ban. Just wanted to say, streaming is a great way to connect with your army man, and it would be stupid to stop it just because of some minor problems that can be solved simply with more mods in your chat. And even tho we did run into some problems with the haters, and you were super tired, I still had tons of fun watching your stream and I sure hope you never stop streaming, and actually start doing it more often, cuz you are super fun to watch. Sorry for the long post, but i just had to say this!
  5. Am i the only one that thinks that the amount of wards you can place will only hurt supports more than it will help them. Im telling u, you only 3 wards is gonna be so annoying.. Plus the more gold for the guy who lasthits the turrets is ridiculous, its just a stupid change. On everything else i agree, and i think the trinkets are gonna be awesome
  6. In response to what u guys said, I do agree that its kinda annoying in lane if he lands the poison on you that there is very little to no counterplay to that. However as you pointed out he really has no useful utility spells(i mean escapes) with the fact that his slow doesnt feel that impactful meaning that he is very easily ganked. So as i previously pointed out i actually like his ultimate, and let me explain why. Urgot is not your tradicional ADC or Marksman if you will, meaning that his ultimate on any other ADC wouldnt make sense but since his passive reduces the incoming dammage plus he has a shield, and dont forget that his ultimate gives him a nice amount of both magic resist and (120 on third level), all of that combined with the fact that as Urgot u usually build a blackcleaver, so all of that translates in quite a bit of tankyness. Now you might be wondering why would you want a tanky adc well let me tell you, you've all probably heard of the assasin team comps, or the double ad team comps, and those kind of comps usually have enough dammage but lack a bit of tankyness or they usually have bad engages, and Urgot provides both of those with his ultimate, also lets not forget that usually those comps are full ad meaning they get full countered by armor, and as i previously mentioned you get black cleaver, and as we all know black cleaver helps with shreding armor. So Urgot seems to be a good champion for those "special" types of comps on paper, but thats the problem hes only good on paper, in game his kit is really hard to pull off, he doesnt really deal as much dammage as he used to and he doesnt really snowball aswell with the jungle and Taric(Urgot and Taric used to be so deadly at lvl2) changes, also with the already mentioned mana problems it really doesnt pay off to get Urgot as an adc, even if you actually run a full ad comp or an assasin comp there are just better armor shredding and champions with better engages. So all in all as i said, i do like his kit, i feel like it could work but he really needs some finetuning and some buffs and the meta to be kind to him to make him impactful again...
  7. Welcome to the AJSA, hope you have a great time here
  8. Ok, so i was checking lol reddit and i found something interesting, riot wants your information on what you think is not that good about Urgot. Link: http://forums.oce.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=32520 I dont know how many of you play Urgot but i think hes a fun champion with an unique kit, however i feel that hes too much of a situacional champion and that he really strugles because of him being so mana hungry. Now i havent played him too much lately and i feel like he could be good with trinity force, but even then his mana problems are still there, heck, some people say that going for tear still doesnt make him have enough mana. So i think the mana problem is pretty clear, however i've seen alot of people talk about his ult not being so good, and imo i feel like his ult is what makes his kit so special and i dont think they should change it too much, tweak it maybe but not change the overall way it works. Anyways just wanted to tell you guys about this and if you have some ideas make sure to post them on the LoL forum or if you want you can discuss it here.. tl;dr: Riot wants to change Urgot, and they want to know what you think about him. So what do you think about him?
  9. Hey Retr0J, nice to have you here. Welcome to the AJSA
  10. Europe West Oceania Brazil EUNE Unresolute - EUW
  11. Hey there Jenzik, Welcome to the AJSA. So many people from Sweden play lol, thats cool
  12. Welcome to the AJSA, hope you enjoy it here
  13. Hey man, Welcome to the AJSA
  14. Sure people read this. And welcome to the AJSA by the way
  15. Hey there, Welcome to the AJSA