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Everything posted by ArtoriasX

  1. I do not know if it's true or not since the source was using a throwaway account to hide his identity (for obvious reasons) so take it with a grain of salt. Here is the Reddit link Here is where i found it (Bungie.net) Here is the whole conversation in case they delete the link Like i said, i do not know if what he is saying is true but it makes a lot of sense to be a lie but i hope that they give us the Space Opera we were promised.
  2. he said that Activision only preasured them for the deadline and the problem was from inside Bungie but in the end we do not know if this story is true or not but it does make a lot of sense if this was the case.
  3. I will send the link as soon as i finish uploading my video, its fine if it's not the 19-20 level up right? As long as i show i reached lvl 20 right? (I am Dark_Adell/ Aion the god of eternity, i don't know what it shows in my name)
  4. Can't wait to go beat all the raids with you guys! Also will there be european and American servers or will everyone be able to play together?
  5. yea, but don't count me to be the one who brings the suplies, the guard maby but not the transporter.
  6. When does the beta begin, i have signd up for the beta but i don't have any idea about it's date.
  7. I would like to join, my name is AionTheEternal. We are Exiles If I am correct.
  8. Can you reinvite me, I was gone for a while since my gaming computer broke down and now I fixed it and can start playing again.
  9. Indeed, but I think that KZ's artistic design makes up for that shortcoming as well.
  10. My PSN is Dark_Adell
  11. Its certain that you will be able to move your account from PC to PS4 so what will happen if they decide to sync the servers?
  12. I'd like to join the clan, I'm ArtoriasX. I'd also like to ask a question, are or will the ps4 and PC be able to play together since I want to transfer my PC account to my PS4 (better graphics and better control than my pc).
  13. Umm, i stoped for a few days and when i came back i had become the clan leader and everyone had left the clan, also why didn't more people join?
  14. In my oppinion Dragon age origins was better, it had a better story, it was mor epic and it also was the begining of this epic franchise, it also had many nice quests. The second on the other hand was so so, my bigest problem was that it locked you in one place, though it had better combat the story was downgraded to a fight, also i did not like the characters other than the mage(i dont remember his name), he was fun to be around, and maby the Gypsy theef, the endings were dissapointing and i did not like the lack of fights with dragons and fiends.
  15. Oh a fellow member from Greece, welcome to the angry army!
  16. Ask Darksky, he is the leader of the Angry Tennos, though he wrote: I will sent out your Warframe clan invite when you post you IGN with your vote So vote for the game and post your Warframe name, see you fellow Tenno At the beginning it is easy but later on it becomes challenging and defence is you against armies when you stay there long, as for repetitiveness, yes it gets a bit repetitive but its not that bad since seen all those cool moves and powers makes me forget.
  17. We must fight for Justice! Freedom!... and our wallets. Welcome to the angry army!
  18. PC is good but i hate it when games don't play or crash all the time, thats the bad thing with games on PC and also its cheaper.
  19. I like both consoles but i will be buying Ps4, i like Jrpgs and especially the new arcade game Gunslinger Stratos but i dont see a reason to fight over consoles, they both have nice games, i like son of rome for example. Have fun with your consoles guys! (i still have to wait till 29,damn you EU)
  20. Welcome, lets fight for our wallets' rights to be filled even after buying games !
  21. Why? i find Warframe both cool and makes sense, its a frame used for war, its a suit that supports its user for war, if you mean after this then i think i can come up with a few cool ways to add "war" in a game title such as "Day of a thousand wars" for example. Anyway our dojo only has 2 people still, how come?
  22. You could try Ni No Kuni or Tales of Xillia, though i still like japan, i like many new songs, animes and games from japan.
  23. Mine would dual wield Oblivion and DarkBlade, he would wear the Nobodies' clothing but shorter and with bunny ears on the hoodie and wearing black pants, he would wear a medical eye-patch. As for characteristics he would have a red eye (he lost the other one) and his personality would be chaotic evil, doing whatever he wants just to have fun.
  24. If its a 4% then its quite rare,, it was to be expected with sony rushing it to the market, i think the Xbox will have the same problem since they are rushing it as well. Lets just hope all the issues will be resolved soon and without big problems.
  25. i will be buying it, i think this game has a nice world around it, it looks immersive an the designs look amazing, i also think its going to be loke borderlands on the weapons aspect and i find that satisfying, i love having a wide variety of weapons to choose from.