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  1. No words just smokes teaches you effective, yet easy to learn smokes. In fact they are so easy to learn.. i don't even need to say anything. Songname: N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)
  2. hmm didnt mean to clickbait or anything.. tried to have a neutral title :/
  3. I lol'ed
  4. Hey guys i made this video of me getting a triple kill with the awp Any feedback is welcome ps: Do you want me to do a tutorial for smokes etc.? Answer the poll if you care
  5. We have been working hard my man On the gaming side but also on the marketing side, i am currently working on a video on windrunner hoping it to get as much attention as the huskar vid from thorns did. probably will be uploading it on thorns channel as well As an update on where we stand we are in division 2 of the jDl and we will be playing against teams such as klasynkys team (7k+ mmr team), xpc int, aftershock gaming and so on. We know these teams quite well, have been scrimming them alot, so we are looking forward to that, also our games will be watchable though the jdl ticket in dota tv we have been slowly rising into the scene, happy to see some people notice such as with reddit etc
  6. Hey guys ! check out thorns guide on how to abuse tusk !!
  7. Finished our second match against Team NoRe Game 1 screenshot They forfeited after Game 1 and did no want to continue playing the Bo2 Match so we are 4-0 right now got another bo2 coming up! If we win the next bo2, 2-0 then we are first seed for our group!
  8. Hey guys just finished our game against reason gaming beat them 2-0, got our next groupstage match coming up! but with the victory against reason gaming it is very likely we end up first in our group!! hype hype!! http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3722/fv83z8vf_jpg.htm screenshot of game 1 http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3722/x4erh7we_jpg.htm screenshot of game 2
  9. We are starting our first game now against Reason Gaming! it will not be streamed though ^^ Will update here after the first game what happened its a bo2
  10. Working on it Seph Thanks for the support
  11. Hey guys we are in the ricoh arena right now! Hype hype!! In the next 3-4 days i am going to update this thread with info about our games, streams, pictures, vlogs etc etc. Pretty much any info about the official ajsa dota 2 team playing at the lan! Please bump this thread as much as you can so everyone notices would like to see people noticing that we are actually at a lan and representing this very community Infos: All the infos we got right now is that we start the groupstage matches at 4pm (UK Time, CET-1) and we gonna continue playing till 22:00 (UK Time, CET-1) In the meanwhile this is the official Dota2 Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/multiplay_dota Groupstage Match 1 (Bo2): AJSA vs Reason Gaming (2-0) Groupstage Match 2 (Bo2): AJSA vs NoRussPlz (2-0) Groupstage Match 3 (Bo2): AJSA vs Ross Kemp on Dota (2-0) Groupstages over now going to sleep! Elimination Bracket starts at 10:30 am tomorrow, tomorrow is gonna be the important day! Thanks for following^^ Groupstages Standing Cheers, Charlie
  12. You'll be missed tBone :/ PS: I think starting a conversation about this is very needed, lately the forum has been getting quite slow no new threads and conversations are being held. I would love to help out with the situation, however me and my team are veeeeeeeeery busy for the upcoming lan (i am leaving this wednesday). I hope that us playing at the lan and the content that will follow from that will at least give you guys something to talk about and bring some activity to the forums at least. Cheers and keep the conversation going
  13. As promised i would have some new stuff for you today this is a 4 min video of a moment from yesterdays bo1 match in the Dota source Cup. The second match of the british casted serious will be up in a few hours/ uploading as we speak Second Game just uploaded 1080p should be avaiable soonish
  14. Got the tickets boys!
  15. The Twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/pixelpipeline