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  1. Yeah that's what i meant "Remade" thanks The remade items like the wriggle's lantern feel strange with the new changes like the removal of the life steal But i have to admitt the new passives in general are awesome , i dunno have you played a game with the new changes?
  2. now with the new items for the jungle i feel like i have no space for my old strategy and build and since the new items are so important to not be left behind with the new exp changes it getting tough to keep Up well maybe i suck...at the moment.... xD
  3. thanks to everyone!
  4. Hello i just wanted to ask how did you feel the new patch? does it feels better? or worse? I think it feels strange... i feel a little weaker as a jungler (Maybe cuz of the new masteries) Did you feel like that too?
  5. GREAT ! i like the idea of having official teams around the world NA AJSA EUW AJSA LAS AJSA and things like that i support the idea !
  6. GREAT! i like the united states , i've always wanted to go to LAS VEGAS and lose some money xD
  7. Thanks!
  8. Summoner Name: DXsilverXD Rank: Wood VI Level: 30 Hours: Lots of hours server: Latin America South I do play in other servers , but i just prefer the LAS server since i don't have lag in it
  9. Hello i would like to join the army! I like pc gaming , i had a 360 and a Wii (currently just a WiiU , looking for PS4) I like to play S4League , League of legends , Smite , Wow , Diablo 2 , AION , Lineage 2 , RaiderZ and te Original DOTa (even tough i suck at Dota... and never played Ranked at league...and im only lvl 25 in WOW... and 20 in AION... and 8 in RaiderZ xD) Anyways i like videogames that's all!