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  1. Gamerviv67 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Cyberpunk 2077's E3 trailer & gameplay details revealed....... I envy these lucky people.....   
    ARRGHHH, I want to see more!!! Who's the main character we'll be playing as? Will this be a futuristic GTA game with complex RPG character customization & choice making mechanic? And when will we meet Ciri like when she referenced it in Witcher 3??
    And it looks like a few people has actually seen the gameplay of this game
    Oooooohh these lucky people. I wish I could mind read them and see the majesty of what they saw in that gameplay demo......
    So here's what we can expect from this game:
    It's an FPS RPG like Deus Ex, but with real open world with car racing + car shootouts & choices that affects the world like Witcher 3...... ooooh that sounds gooooooooddddd
    Your main character is a customizable guy/girl named V
    There's a "cool" stats, because "charisma" stats is so overdone that being cool is so much better
    There's boobies, because that's what we want damn it, and we'll get it. WOHOO!!
    All in all, this is the next Deus Ex game that's not Deus Ex, but with Witcher's excellent choice making & open world. I heard that you can play the game in both first person and third person perspective, but it's been debunked. Still, you can switch perspective while driving. ARRGHHH! GIVE ME THIS GAME NOW!!!!!
    Oh yeah, and apparently there's a secret message in the trailer that's been revealed:
    Hehehehehe, nice one CD Projekt. Fuck micro transactions indeed. I'll be waiting for this game with full force!
  2. Gamerviv67 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Cyberpunk 2077, a futuristic, mature, open world, RPG....... FPS?   
    There has been a lot of new information coming out about the long-anticipated title from Witcher 3 Developer CD Projekt Red over the past few days like the trailer above premiering at the Microsoft E3 Conference, a 45-minute closed door demo for the press that they have been reporting on and some other information coming out in interviews.  IGN gave their report on the 45-minute closed door presentation.
    We know the game is an open world RPG in a gritty futuristic setting like the Fith Element called Night City.  There is drivable (and hopefully customizable) vehicles in the game. We also know there are augmented people in the world which I'm sure will play into customization.  That's a good thing since, unlike the Witcher series you play as your own custom character, a mercenary called "V".  Much like Witcher 3 it's going to be a Mature game for grown-ups so expect all the bells and whistles of violence, nudity and it seems like romancing is in it as well.
    There is one thing that has been bothering some gamers, that being the game is all but confirmed now to be a mostly first person game.  I can understand why some people are disappointed by this since we're used to seeing games from this developer in 3rd person and in a game where you create your own character you obviously want to be able to see him/her.  It doesn't bother me too much personally although I prefer to be able to look at my character as I play.  I'm guessing they felt that first person worked better with the gunplay or something.

    I first heard from Yong Yeah, who himself will be in the 45-minute presentation on Thursday (tomorrow at the time of this post) so I look forward to hearing his thoughts.  Hopefully Joe will get to see it as well.

    So what are your thoughts?  Does the perspective bother you?