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  1. I've recently purchased NMS with a friend and we'll both be playing because of the features NEXT is bringing. Specifically multiplayer and joint base building on a much larger and diverse scale. They released some general things that were coming with NEXT. However, some of us are waiting on the official patch notes to be released so we can see exactly what else has been added. SO EXITED!
  2. I remember Angry Joe doing some videos a while back and I believe created a corporation? I'm at work so I cant go to the official forums to look. Is there and active Corp there still?
  3. Does AJSA still have an active presence in ESO? I'd assume so considering this forum is still here
  4. So the AJSA no longer has a presence in ESO? I was considering jumping back into the game at some point.
  5. Yea, I look forward to the quest and crafting system. I hope they are as you've mentioned (crafting requires some skill & questing as you've mentioned. Also I hope with questing (though it's not a game breaker for me) is that there are alternative choices where depending on your choice, it determines the outcome in the end and can change.) I'm going to try and get some answers on these two things soon.
  6. This current testing phase they just started testing the massive pvp battles. So far the the data is showing better than expected performance as they did the last test (if I recall correctly, it was with a couple to a few hundred testers with an added 1000 NPC characters) all participating in siege warfare and they retained a steady 60+ fps. Up next is the NODE system testing if I remember correctly. As for building your own story, as to the level of detail, I'll get more info on that for you and let you know. What's E:D?
  7. Agreed. At least in the traditional sense of either one liner quest givers or main story arc only. I'm sure it'll be a "hot topic" further down the development path. here's hoping!
  8. I do actually. Being acquainted with their current Alpha phase, comparing that to MANY other betas I've been in for MMORPG's specifically, this phase 1 Alpha (they still have another alpha phase to go through before they reach closed beta) it's on the level I've typically seen over the years with closed betas. To me, they're ahead of the game (no pun intended) and doing amazingly well from a player standpoint, etc. The ONLY thing I'm not super happy about is (at least at the moment--they've said they'd revisit it further down the development line) is that currently there is no voice acting. I don't mean in the sense of SWTOR, I'm referring to the minimal sense of WoW. Which I believe should be a minimal for any MMO nowadays.
  9. I feel nauseous because I backed this game. I was hoping after 3.0 (wasn't that the patch that allowed planetary landing/exploration?) it would be in the home stretch. Sounds like more ship crap still.
  10. Would like to hear everyone's thoughts! GO! Ashes! www.ashesofcreation.com I purposefully didn't load a bunch of questions etc in order to have this topic WIDE OPEN for any and everything being discussed
  11. Short and sweet: I'm a PC gamer but love watching and participating in console games when they're available to me. My first MMORPG was the Matrix Online. I've played a plethora of games and have streamed a few times. I'm a self-taught graphic designer, past Community Manager, and a fan of the AJ Show and more or less peaking my head in and saying hello. What happens from here who knows!
  12. Welcome!