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  1. I've been decorating my bedroom.I'm looking at getting the gaming chair link .My lil desk chair generally has me humped over trying to sim. I have been trying to find a great chair - one that is very comfortable, looks stylish, is height adjustable, tilt adjustable, has adjustable armrests yet ,I've got the Autofull gaming chair ,is not cheap,about 299$.Wife said no to this chair My wife reckons I should just buy a footrest. However, the way I see it is that if I've spent all this money on a chair, I want it to do what I want. Especially since I'll be spending loads of hours on my computer doing work and then other countless hours gaming. I wanted a chair that did both and made me sit in the correct posture. Should I return the chair and keep looking or not? Is it better for me to just get a footrest and live with the armrests?
  2. Actually there isn't one answer to this question. Call of duty 4:modern warfare had taken everybody by storm when it was released..it was a revolution and the gameplay was on an another level,for me the best in the business then, and then the titles that followed the first modern warfare in the series had their own sets of fans. Now for the online,a lot of people prefer modern warfare 2,3 for online multiplayer,for me it's black ops 2. That game had a good balance between the classic cod shooter gameplay and the perfect modern tinge. You could say that it was the transition phase from contemporary to future for the call of duty franchise. Granted, I get that it’s trendy to hate on newer Call of Duty games I can even see why. I just don’t agree that the newer games are terrible, for the most part. Overall my favorite Call of Duty game is Black Ops 3, and I have played all the games in the series (console/PC) except United Offensive. In Feb STEAM released a new game Metro Exodus . I buy Metro Exodus game key and play for a while,I still prefer CALL OF DUTY.
  3. I plan to buy steam gift cards for a gift. Does anyone know where you can buy it online to use it in Australia? I would prefer not to go in person to JB or EB games. Are they all also in USD, so there is no difference between purchases because you only get an activation code? I'm sorry, I do not know how Steam works.