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  1. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in Oh God.... ANOTHER Shameless Remaster   
    Like, I'm not against remasters. Even for shit I could care less about. I'm against lazy remasters. SRIV, GoW, Sleeping Dogs, ect. I'd love to see a ME trilogy. Hell, that'd be worth more than $60 easily. Or Bioshock. Or Elder Scrolls. I could keep going on. The point is, we want actual good content. Not lazy shove out the door products.
    Hell, I'm a little less angry about GoW III cause it's going to be $40. Doesn't change the bullshit reason of "celebrating the franchise's history though. At the very LEAST it should be III and Ascension. 
    And thanks, noyran23. I'm still developing the channel/series, but I plan on being just me. I'll have side personas and such when I actually have the time for editing and all that, but this one had to be pushed out the door quickly. lol.
  2. Jayson's Rage liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Oh God.... ANOTHER Shameless Remaster   
    To be honest I don't care in fact I really love to have a new Mass Effect, Gears of Wars, and Uncharted Remasters. And It's not that we're not getting new games, in fact we got a lot of great games this March only. It cost little man power, makes devs accustomed to a new hardware, and they earn money which could probably fund new games, and people who haven't played those games can finally play it. It's not like we're being force to it.
    Video Suggestion: I don't agree with the guy above that you have a gimmick persona, I think being honest is what really matters and i'm not really watching AngryJoe etc because of their persona rather it's their insight and reaction to the industry
  3. Jayson's Rage liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Trophy Hunters   
    Anyone has Far Cry 4? I need help on coop trophies mainly Changing Lanes and Brothers in Arm
  4. DemonsColt liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in RUMOR:The Order is apparently 5 hours long?   
    I think it's official here in our country (Philippines) given that both of the biggest game retailers here released the game at Tuesday exactly 5pm. I was surprised myself since I was expecting it to be on the 20th.
    This is game is really like a movie (bad or good thing up to you), the camera angles, the CA and other post processing (which I usually hate but I think it's perfect here), the subtle face expression, motion blur, there's no difference between cutscenes and gameplay graphics-wise. Note though that the game is a bit light on gameplay probably around the same as UC1 which is a shame because the gunplay itself is great. I hope they could patch in a horde mode or something because I wanted to shoot more baddies XD
    It's one of those game that your non-gamer friend/family member can appreciate. My wife watched me while I was playing and actually wanted me to continue playing which is a rare thing (UC3 and 2 are the other games they love watching). I haven't finished the game yet but i'm midway (at least what my friend told me) and around 7 hours already. If you like any heavy narrative games like from Naughty Dog or Quantic Dreams then I think this a perfect game for you if not at least try it when it's cheaper.
  5. Shagger liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in RUMOR:The Order is apparently 5 hours long?   
    Got my copy today (the store released the game yesterday). 3 of my friends so far finished the game already at 7, 8 and 10 hours. It's on the short side for sure, base on what I played (2 hours in) it's probably the best graphics I have seen in a game probably outside of Crysis 3 on ultra settings. The story is interesting (especially the starting chapter!) and the gameplay is actually surprising given the negative previews I have read. The weapons feels so satisfying, it has great feedback and punch to them, the AI are serviceable (enemies have different traits like on flanks and the others pin you down), but there's less shootouts (though im just few chapters in). I haven't encountered the Lycans yet although my friend told me that they're great encounters although rarely use. If you're into 'cinematic' games then this is a buy if not then just get it at a lesser price. My only problem with the game right now is the font, it's so small, what the hell are they thinking?
    By the way there's also less QTE than I expected, there are some contextual presses like stealth kills (pretty much the same as other games) but overall it's the same as your usual AAA game. 
  6. clashbang89 liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Trophy Hunters   
    I haven't yet (i'm actually bored halfway, i'll probably do it during weak period of this year) but I think it's not that hard. Which exact trophy you're having hard time with? Just go with hard+collectibles then easy+no death playthroughs.
  7. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Trophy Hunters   
    It seems that it's one of those games that you'll absolutely love, or absolutely hate. There's no middle ground.
    I do suggest finishing the 'Delivery Man Q' sidequest ASAP though. That infinite durability wrench makes the fighting so much less frustrating.
    Also the 'Lost Arnold' and 'Nameless Flower' sidequests so you can get the Radio which lets you fast travel to places you've already been.
  8. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Grand Theft Auto V PC/PS4/Xbone   
    Here ya go:
  9. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in just bring new please this is painful   
    Notice a surprising argument here for Console vs PC. Not saying anyone is to blame, but this is warning 1 for everyone in here an invalid with it. DO NOT let me see this again.
  10. sp23hagbard5 liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Your Top 5 Games of all time, and why   
    Jeez guys just calm it with your fanboy wars. These companies aren't paying a cent.
    On topic I think this thread should be moved although there's a similar thread like this on General Discussion already iirc. I think WITHASTICK will handle this one
  11. sp23hagbard5 liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Driveclub   
    I don't think we have one but there's a thread looking for members here. I'll join up asap the PS Plus version is up.
  12. DangerLemon liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Your Top 5 Games of all time, and why   
    Hear, hear
    Well i'll start, this isn't my top 5 and this isn't in any order. It's probably the best 5 games I've played that I just thought of right now.
    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Suikoden 2
    3. Xenogears
    4. Final Fantasy 9
    5. Planescape Torment
    Yep as you can see i'm a big RPG fan.
  13. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Sony TGS Games List 2014   
    Persona 5, Bloodborne, Witcher 3, FF Type 0 HD (well mainly FFXV demo), and Batman AK will make 2015 one of the best years in gaming history for me.
  14. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Sony TGS Games List 2014   
    Persona 5, Bloodborne, Witcher 3, FF Type 0 HD (well mainly FFXV demo), and Batman AK will make 2015 one of the best years in gaming history for me.
  15. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Rain in What is wrong with the Xbox One?   
    This will be the last "Console War" thread I see, both sides have compelling arguments (and I did read everything) and as entertaining as it was it is officially coming to an end. People need to realize that no one thinks the same way, sure there are plenty of "hey we thought the same thing"...but in the end everyone is different and like/gravitate towards different things.
    I call this a console war thread because it is exactly that, two sides battling each other trying to one up the other...in this case multiple up the other (pun intended). Consider this a final warning, if any other threads of "x console is better than y" or anything remotely related to that example come out, it will be dealt with by moderation/officers and punishment will be handed out accordingly.
    We game together, we argue together, but we don't indirectly bash each other because our likes/dislikes vary. And yes, mixed in all the opinionated posts there was indirect bashing.
  16. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Null in What is wrong with the Xbox One?   
    How is a proper discussion supposed to occur when you throw out any criticisms people have as "irrelevant".  You can't cherry pick people's complaints that way.  Also, asserting that Sony is a snake in the grass based on supposition is something that is entirely irrelevant, by the way.  If a person complains that they didn't buy the One, because the titles on it weren't there cup of tea; it's irrelevant.  If they don't care about the features; it's irrelevant.  You can't have a proper discussion if the topic isn't open to a proper discussion.  My two cents, the PS4 launched with good PR the Xbox One launched with bad PR and ended up as the butt of every joke.  Now, people want to hang out with the cool kid and don't want to hang out with the loser.  With news articles portraying the pathetic Xbox One sales in Japan with plenty of empty line images the Xbox is being shown as pathetic and weak.  With headlines reading "PS4 outsells Xbox <X> months in a row" it's no wonder people by the PS4.  It's the winning team mentality.  If we're just playing a game of <this box> is better than <that box> then the entire discussion is a moot point.  Some people prefer wearing briefs even though boxers are better for the count.  Why?  Well, at the end of the day underpants are just meant to keep your ****s covered.
  17. Arch liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Microsoft Trying to Buy Mojang   
    Add FASA and Ensemble to that too
    I'm not sure if this is a good purchase for MS especially at 2bn (and with Notch getting out), I think the franchise is at its peak or nearly at its peak and would soon burst much like Angry Birds, and other fad games. Minecraft 2, imo, isn't needed because of the iterative nature of the game. They should buy Activision (COD, Destiny, Skylanders, etc) or 2k (GTV, 2k sports, Bioshock, Borderlands, etc) if they're willing to throw that much money around (not that I wanted that). But hey it's their money
  18. Null liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in SCEJA Conference Show Discussion (Themes, Persona 5, Ys, Disgaea 5, Yakuza zero, and more for PS4 )   
    I really doubt DQX will be localized here, it's an subscription mmo game and currently on the weakest platform sales wise in the west, Wii U and pretty much dead Wii. Heroes probably has a chance, I mean the biggest PS4 users are outside of Japan (it's tanking there btw).  I would love DQXI to be on PS4 though but it will probably on PS3/3DS.
    Persona 5 though, hnngg... right into my veins already  
  19. HeroEightyTwo liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Trophy Hunters   
    Just backup once in a while HC is really not that hard especially on normal. Just pm me if you wanted to power level, I'm on my third char to max right now.
  20. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by SoulInsurgent™ in Diablo 3: Ultimate Editon   
    Well, if you remember Warcraft II...you should recall the map where you kill Deathwing. He isn't injured or anything...he is killed over in Dreanor...Outlands basically by the Alliance because he sided with the Horde.
    Well...Warcraft III...Frozen Throne Arthas KILLS ILLIDAN...puts Frostmourne through his chest!
    WoW Pre BC was amazing...I mainly stayed in PvP after level 60 and was gunning for High Warlord until those idiots removed the titles (FML)
    Well...BC...was 'alright' but Illidian is back alive with NO back story. No story as to why he isn't dead...which is strike number 1.
    Strike number two was when they made it easier for the newbs to get what those who put effort, time and real dedication into the game. I worked my ass off to get level 60 and Blood Guard...now they kind of handed that shit off. Including the gear which pissed alot of people off. Wrath was...a great step back in a good direction but they fucked up the PvP even further still...AV used to last HOURS on end! Making it the best PvP hands down. Now...your lucky if you get 20 minutes out of one.
    Then they fucked up...BIG time by fucking with the Hunters...taking away mana and giving them some BS focus system which I hated. (Really screwed with my set I ran with for raids)
    Now...Cata rolls out...and they pissed me off completely. Deathwing is alive...and NO backstory at bloody damn all? Ok...fuck it...your a sell out company ...done with you. Cancelled my account and quit cold turkey and went over to SW:TOR not regret it yet.
    OFF TOPIC: ^^^
    On topic:
    I really do love what I see with Diablo III though...but because blizz is a shell of its former self and a sell out worthless company now...I can't invest any money nor time into it. Which really does suck because the people in charge of Diablo III seem to have their shit together. Sadly...blizz as a whole...doesn't.
  21. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Official Destiny Information (Merged)   
    Around The Galaxy in 20 Levels Cross-Platform Competition
    Since PS4 and XB1 communities will be shared under the same clan, Doshka17 and myself will be organizing specific competitive events between both consoles. More information about this will be coming soon as we work out the details, but our first event is clear. Which console can get an AJSA member to level 20 first? If you hit level 20 in Destiny during the launch week make sure to follow the following steps:
    Record proving your level using PS4's Share button (double tap the Share button to start recording.) Edit the clip using Share Factory and save it. With the PS4 upload the clip to YouTube using USB. Send Withastick a link to the video.  
    The exact time and date considered when compared to the XB1 players will be the EXACT moment that I recieved the message. So once you hit level 20, get moving! The first player to hit 20 on the PS4 Community and bring me proof will have reserved spot for them during the first twitch streamed competitive event!
    This competition is a friendly rivalry between fellow AJSA members, and more importantly, between fellow gamers.
    Keep it clean and respectful, or see yourself removed from all future official Destiny events on PlayStation 4. I hate to sound harsh, but I must be clear.
  22. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Aaron Lannister in The Last of Us Remastered   
    Malkavians make the story harder the understand they even mention it in the beginning, her metaphores are not ingenious, in the tabletop game Malkavians aren't suppose to be taken seriously. The fact that you say it is the best written dialogue is just laughable.

    Thanks but not interested.
    Okay, try eating insects infected with Cordyceps.
    Again and again, Linearity = better story. Unlinearity has proven time and time again that the story isn't good.
    Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines is proof of that. Any person who has played that game and claims it has a good storyline is a Malkavian themselves.
  23. Null liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in Tales Of Xillia 2   
    You should try Vesperia, it has the best main protag in the whole series and possible most jrpgs.
    Yep it has a debt system, you need to pay off your debt in order to move the story. Kinda lame but we'll see when we're actually in game.
    I'm jealous :/ All i'll get are preorder bonus which has a Rollo keychain, better that than nothing I guess
  24. Groot liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in P.T. teaser is actually....   
    Probably the scariest and mind fucking thing I have ever played. Smart move for Sony too, as you can see on twitch it gone viral already.
  25. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Bloodborne   
    I think DS2 gets more crap then it deserves. Yes it wasn't as good as it's predecessors but it's not a DA2 bad sequel, just a bit under par then we expected.
    As for Bloodborne, yeah it will be nice for something new though. I'm interested at the multiplayer portion that has yet to be talked about. Right now the rumor is that it's going to be something similar to Journey that you will just come across others sometimes and what happens after that is up to you and the new person. You could co-op merily or kill each other. That's the rumors though so don't take it entirely serious but it would be kind of cool.
    Another person's take on the demo, this one from gameinformer: