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  1. I'm also looking to join a clan, I've been playing since before 1.0 and the 1.3 update made it apparent that in order for me to get the most out of the game I need to be in a clan.
  2. Have a rank 25 Loki and am currently leveling up my Ash. My favorite weapon by far is the Aklato, I obliterate Grineer like the gunslinger I wish I was. Also helps you can buy them with credits instead of platinum.
  3. So as long as I can remember, which is a complete exaggeration, me and my brother have had an intense rivalry in Super Smash Bros. Since we discovered the mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Project M, we've been going nuts figting each other when we're on break from our colleges. 3.0 dropped a little while ago reintroducing the entire cast of Brawl, Roy and Mewtwo from Melee so I have to wonder if there's anyone else who plays in the Angry Army.
  4. Let's keep in mind, the comment system, to my knowledge, has still not been fixed. My question is how long do we have to wait to even receive a response from the YouTube team?
  5. Also, what if he does more live streams on Twitch? He has to play through the game, he could add in commentary and I don't think Twitch will be as well, completely idiotic about user content.
  6. It's not a great solution but if he put his videos to monetize on a different website, like I suppose the service Thatguywiththeglasses.com uses, annd then posts a video saying check out the video on this site because he can't post it on YouTube, maybe it could help? The only real way I see of getting YouTube's attention is to to take a big chunk out of their profits, which sounds daunting at best.
  7. I kinda want to be a vamp because it reminds me of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, but I feel like it won't be that fun. Slayer reminds me of Buffy which is not bad in any way.
  8. Props for having a Legacy of Kain avatar, even though I never played it. I mean, I suppose 8/10, although I don't really know the rating criteria.
  9. I have the Mercenary pledge RSI Aurora. Got to say, when I got into my hanger and went inside my ship, I was a little sad how dinky it seemed, although it is the lowest tier ship so it makes sense. I really want to get a Hornet but I'm not paying another hundred to do so, hopefully it won't be too hard to get one in the game.
  10. I actually bought a Vita around a year ago and I really like it. I don't know but I actually play more games and have more games on my Vita than my 3DS, mainly because of my PS Plus subscription. Having a Vita already makes the PS4 a lot more enticing but I'm waiting to see how it does before picking it up. Destiny is a must buy for me and it's not coming to PC anytime soon, grr.
  11. I never got mine... What do you guys think I should do?
  12. I'm hoping I can finally live out my Firefly fantasies ingame, that or be a good ol' freelancer.
  13. So I recently picked up Guild Wars 2, as in level 12 recent, and just wanted to get an idea who's where and such.