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  1. Would this be a retool of the previously cancelled title? I mean, from the rumors I've seen, BioWare is prepping a "Destiny-killer", and the scrapped project "You Have Been Chosen" was nowhere near Destiny-like in its mechanics. Either way, I have no idea what to expect.
  2. So I was kind of confused by Joe's #1 spot on his E3 2017 list. I thought I remembered the "You Have Been Chosen" teaser from much earlier, and it turns out that it was posted in 2014 (link here). On top of that, the game was both revealed as a 4v1 RPG (link here) in August of 2014 and was then cancelled later in February of 2015 (here). Did I miss something hinting that BioWare is bringing it back?
  3. In my opinion, it was pretty bad. Almost nothing that we haven't seen before. If you're going to say that you're showing ME: Andromeda, at least have more than 10 seconds of actual new footage instead of the "behind the scenes" stuff. Also, why are they even bothering mentioning the Visceral and Respawn Star Wars Games when they aren't coming out for over a year. I wasn't expecting much from EA to begin with, but they came in even lower than I was expecting.
  4. I've never gotten the appeal of getting drunk in the first place, much less do I get the appeal of getting drunk in front of people and then proceeding to do idiotic and harmful things like this. Honestly, it doesn't matter if she was drunk or not, it was still her decision to drink and stream, and any flak she gets from her actions is well deserved in my book. , To boot, it's almost worse that people were even watching this happen on the stream and couldn't (or didn't) do anything. It would be like watching a car wreck when you're absolutely powerless to help the driver.
  5. Worst game I've personally played? Keybo: The Keyboarding Adventure. I have never hated having to "learn" typing that much. It was annoyingly punishing and the music still haunts my nightmares. Most disappointing: Assassin's Creed III. I had such high hopes, but it traded a silly but likable character in for an angst-ridden quiet guy, didn't have a lot of the vertical game-play I'd enjoyed in previous entries, and ended the modern story in a way that I really didn't care for.
  6. Okay, mine don't come close to some of this other stuff, but here: 1. At least the title is accurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YpLiiSNR5g 2. Then this: http://youtu.be/RcPTMElSpQ8 Enjoy!
  7. Watching the trailer for Dead Island then watching the Dead Island 2 trailer was kind of like jumping in a cold pool after sitting in a hot tub. On one hand, I like the brighter saturated color scheme for the new game, and the combat appears to be improved for the better. However, I'm a little worried that 2 has lost some of the "Dead Island" feel. The trailers have lost much, if not all, of the foreboding and dark appearance that Dead Island originally had. The dark nature of the game is part of what made Dead Island stand out from other titles like Dead Rising, and to see that more emotional take replaced by a "bright, flashy, peppy, zombie murder" type of game makes me nervous. I don't know, maybe it's too early to tell.
  8. I'm not thrilled by what EA had to offer this year. After last year's awesome teases, we were treated to.... Vague, painful teases. I was expecting gameplay, or even a half-baked trailer for some of these, and was immensely annoyed by the lack of details, actual games, and especially by lack of any actual gameplay for the games I actually did want to see. The Hardline Beta reveal was probably the only thing that actually got me interested, even if cautiously so. Overall, I'll need a lot more from EA to convince me to buy into another product, at least a lot more than a few concepts and engine renders.
  9. It was an interesting move, showing Hardline last. I'm not quite sure how planned out it was, or if all the new Hardline gameplay was in response to all the leaks we've seen over the amount of time leading up to this show. I think the beta this early is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is a good chance for EA to actually pull their stuff together and publish a thoroughly tested game. However, on the other side of things, it makes me nervous that we're seeing Battlefields churned out so fast, and it makes me more than a bit aggravated that they decided to focus more of their show's time and effort into another COD (or Payday) competitor over something more fresh like Mirror's Edge 2 or different like Battlefront. I've already signed up for Beta access, although I'm nervous about this one, and will NOT be buying it on launch day!
  10. That's the rub of most games, and one of the places that this game could run into trouble on. There's a fine line between homage, inspiration, and straight up rip-off or copying. From what I've seen of the game, it looks like it is straying into a dangerous territory of taking too many ideas from other games then adding a splash of LoTR to it. The don't fix what isn't broken idea is one that can be dangerous to a new game, especially one with a license attached to it. I do hope for the best for this game, but at the same time I'm kind of expecting the worse. Thanks for the clarification on the issue though, I appreciate it!
  11. All kidding aside, welcome. Seems you'll fit in quite well.
  12. 47386943

    From the album Bowling for Games

  13. Wasn't there also some controversy around an Assassin's Creed developer claiming that the game was stealing assets like animations? I think I saw it somewhere. Anyone know what happened to that situation?
  14. Sony has officially revealed their PS4 Virtual Reality Headset, dubbed Project Morpheus. The link is HERE for those interested. Hopefully I'm not too late to post this, but it just popped up a little while ago on IGN. Anyone have thoughts about how this will impact the Rift now that Rift is lacking the parts to produce? I personally am unsure how this will go, and if it will succeed or just be another Kinect/Move sized flop.
  15. This is not a good thing at all for Microsoft and Machinima PR. It's frustrating to see YouTube channels be swayed like this, especially by a major company like Microsoft. It really is a stealthy war here, seeing the tweet from Microsoft congratulating the PS4 launch and then to see this a bit later. It makes me lose faith in both the company and the network, and it really makes me wonder what else gaming companies have done that we don't know about.