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  1. Two months ago, I would have said Dark Souls hands down. Since getting a PS3 though, I'm already being amazed by the exclusives. Heavy Rain, The Last of Us and, of course, Beyond: Two Souls... I can't decide between them. And after Christmas, I imagine I'll be adding MGS4 to that list.
  2. The best RPGs have both of course, which is what I look for, but if it has only the character leveling and customization without the story, that's still an RPG IMO.
  3. Not all games need to have a story to be good, but I value games with a good story above all others. It's the main reason I play video games, for stories you can't find anywhere else. Battlefield 3 is a hell of a lot of fun, but it's nothing compared to the feeling Beyond: Two Souls left me with.
  4. No one's denying that... there's no need to be a douche about it.
  5. Man I can't wait for Dark Souls II, especially after playing the beta. There's nothing quite like the first Dark Souls... I had such a good time with it. One of the best games this generation, and I'm pretty confident DSII will deliver the same mystery and intrigue that made me love the first one so much.
  6. Guess which one I am.
  7. Hey man, I agree with everything you said except this bit. Yeah, Willmauze was being a dick, and yes they are expensive, but PCs do have some genuine advantages over consoles, such as more exclusives and better-looking games. So don't try and make PCs look bad just because you're pissed. All it does is make you look uninformed. Be the better person and don't stoop to his level, and accept there are good reasons for both PCs and consoles.
  8. Aww man I always forget about the Season Steam Sales until the day. So the 27th was a nice surprise for me. I got Thomas Was Alone, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
  9. Woah... I expected to see more love for the Xbox One. Ah well. I'm getting a PS4.
  10. Athiest. Religion doesn't make sense and is long outdated, IMO.
  11. C&C: Red Alert 3. Sure, many people were drawn to it for it's multiplayer, but I for one loved its art style, and its humour. I actually liked C&C4: Tiberian Twilight as well. Was probably my least played C&C game, but I had a lot of fun with it. Duke Nukem Forever... I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. FEAR 3. Even though it's a far-cry from the scariness and atmosphere of the first game, I'm always a sucker for an intriguing story, and this game delivered. It was a blast to play, as well. Halo 3: ODST. The most common complaint I hear about this game is it's too short for it's price. I guess I never felt that because I bought it second-hand. Loved this game, in any case. Great atmosphere.
  12. I liked the ending, and was content with letting my imagination do the work. My guess was since the infection wasn't going any time soon, they were heading back to Tommy's, the only safe place they knew of. What else could they do? Sure the human race is probably fucked now, but that's the way it is. What was important to me is the journey, and the bond that grew between Joel and Ellie. And regardless whether or not it was right to break Ellie out, or lie to her about what happened, what matters to me is his clear love and genuine care for her. It shows how much he's grown as a character, and he's a much better person than he was at the beginning of the game. What I mean is, the story of their growing relationship has been told, so in a way, the story DID end. I don't mean to speak for anyone else, but I don't need a sequel.
  13. When I was 3, I believe, the first game I played was Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on my auntie's Sega Mega Drive. From then on me and my brother's lives were dedicated to that thing. I guess you could say the first gaming platform that was actually mine was the first PlayStation, which belonged to both of us.
  14. Waiting for next year to get a PS4, when I'm done with my PS3. Games I'm looking forward to are: Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Division, The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid 5. I'm also looking forward to The Witcher 3, Thief, Transistor, but I'll be getting them for PC.
  15. Yeah man! From what I've seen, Need For Speed Rivals is a compelling launch title. And this is coming from someone who's not usually a fan of racing games. If I were getting a PS4 now, it would be one of my first choices. That's probably not much help, but yeah. I recommend it.