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    I love RPGs of all kinds, I'm a huge movie buff, have a soft spot for literature, enjoy a good anime and I'm a lifetime Lakers/NBA fan.
  1. Your nation is your team. When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl they represented Seattle. Individual greatness is one thing but you use the training facilities of those teams that put up that much money and bring other athletes around you, than you represent those cities. In the Olympics and The World Cup (amongst other major sporting events) your nation is your team. If you're really opposed to being on a team I guess you can enter under the Independent Olympic flag and not represent a country. And I guess if your goal is to swim the fastest or run the fastest in an individual event that can be acceptable. But good luck finding three other guys to do a relay race with you, or to form your curling team. There's nothing wrong with having national pride. So much of your nation's history is a part of you and helps make you the person you are by instilling you with its culture. I don't know if you've traveled or not, but you don't know how American you are until you leave the US and interact with other people. As a minority I found myself especially surprised each time I left the country. It becomes a part of who you are and acting like it isn't important is an ignorant viewpoint in my opinion.
  2. Fallout 3 is B-O-R-I-N-G! Fallout: New Vegas is excellent though! The difference comes not in the mechanics, which are identical, but in the quest design, the writing, the humor and how even the smallest of quests tie in to the fate of the Mojave that you leave behind. It's just a better realized experience than Fallout 3. Fallout 3 just has a bunch of small, disparate parts that never make an interesting whole. I count New Vegas as one of the best RPGs of this past gen, and I count Fallout 3 as one of the major letdowns. It helps that New Vegas was made by a lot of the guys who worked on the original Fallout games. Fallout 3 was Bethesda though and you can definitely tell since it follows their formula of "put a ton of random crap in the game and hope it keeps people busy."
  3. WAT?
  4. I love every Zelda I played, but Twilight Princess narrowly edged out the other games. I just found the dungeons to be the best. Only reason I picked it. Otherwise from a design perspective I'd have taken Skyward Sword for fully realizing the potential of the Wii. As far as sense of adventure goes, Wind Waker is my favorite. For overall importance I'll take Ocarina of Time. For trying something new and unique I'll give the nod to Majora's Mask. I have never played a handheld Zelda however.
  5. I played some New Super Mario Bros. Wii co-op yesterday. I also recently completed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and The Last Story. I recently purchased Xenoblade Chronicles and that will likely be the last new game I play on the system.
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 remains the pinnacle of 3D platforming as far as I'm concerned and remains my favorite of both the series and the genre. That being said, I have enjoyed every Mario Platformer I have played which is all of them except for New Super Mario Bros. on the DS which I never got a chance to play. Super Mario World is my favorite of the 2D platformers. 3D World released last year is an excellent game as well.
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Super Mario 64 Star Fox 64 Super Smash Bros Banjo Kazooie These all come to mind right now. I wasn't a big fan of the N64 shooters. Goldeneye and Perfect Dark didn't do much for me. I was a Quake kid at the time. Halo finally got me into console shooters.
  8. I want to say Spec Ops: The Line is my favorite.
  9. It's a fantastic game. I can't wait to see what they do with Transistor.
  10. All-time- Chrono Trigger But since this is a PC thread..... Mass Effect Trilogy/The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (basically a toss-up between the two)
  11. There are much easier Ys games to obtain than Ys 6. Origin, I and II Chronicles, Oath in Felghana, Memories of Celceta, SEVEN are readily available on PSN and Steam from XSEED. Konami published Ark and the prices are ridiculous unless you buy second hand and no US PC release and an inferior PSP port make it an odd choice in the series when everything else can be played easily on a low-spec computer or a Vita.
  12. It's called The Witcher, and you have deprived yourself for far too long.
  13. South Park: The Stick of Truth, Titanfall, The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Witcher 3 are the big ones for me this year. Everything else will hopefully be a pleasant surprise!
  14. One of the top 5 of this past gen. The entire trilogy resonated with me.
  15. Wouldn't something like Journey show the beauty of gaming? The Last of Us is a third person survival shooter. I'd recommend that game to someone looking for that, but not someone looking for the "beauty of gaming."