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  • Birthday 06/15/1993

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    Manga/Anime, Japanese (both the language and the culture),RPGs and RTS games, Warhammer 40k/F, Drawing inking and digital art, the darker more interesting side of life, gothic stuff and dragons, people. oh one last thing, I hate EA and Activision with a burning passion.
  1. Darkscar.7431 Been getting back into it gradually, love to run with the guild again.
  2. Dark Souls- out of all the problems i have with it, constantly having to trudge back through a bunch of trash mobs to get were i need to be got old real fricking fast. Also the fact that I have to look up constantly were to go, because i kept getting killed by going in a wrong direction, was annoying. Skyrim-I've put over 300 hours into this game and the more time passes, the more i hate this game. I just sit there and realize everything they've done is bad, and half-assed. Dota 1/2 and LOL- Boring and repetitive, plain and simple. Torchlight- I really hate modern diablo/ dungeonerring games. can't stand just sitting there running through 40 levels just to get to a boss. Bladur's Gate 1- Suprised? I don't think the story is bad, but if after multiple restarts, respecs, and strategies i STILL couldn't hit jack, i'm not gona bother caring. (i don't know if it was my computer or installation error, but yes that did happen). Also always hated managing entire parties manually.
  3. Right now, It's the persona series. There's just something about them that is addicting. Oh, also pazzak....i could play that for days.
  4. I've been getting more and more into them, so i was wondering what other jrpg titles are out there. Any platform is ok. As well if it's in Japanese.
  5. since i don't have much money to play new games, here my list: Warframe Xenogears Skyrim (only for mods) The Age of Decadence Demo (Freaking fun, even for a demo) Homeworld 2 And lastly Shogun 2
  6. Majora's mask n64 and also minish cap i had a lot of fun with.
  7. Hmmm BF4 can actually be fun when it's working, but ofc mainly in mp. Especially in conquest. The only gameplay I've seen from AC4 is from joe's stream, and it looked like it could be fun for one or two playthroughs before getting stale. KIllzone looked like an average shooter, just for those days when you got nothing better to do. and knack.......well it knacked up.
  8. Well if i'm up for a game after classes, it will usually be either; battlefield 4 on ps4, warframe on pc, or ill play and oldschool game on an emulator if i'm in a good mood.
  9. I'll usually play from 7 am till 10am in the morning and then from 10pm-sleep at night. All the stuff in between is studies and projects for college
  10. So i've been debating what weapons and warframes i should work on getting since i'm tired of not doing enough damage. What do you guys recommend?
  11. I'm usually neutral/ more pragmatic, if i feel as though the effort for being is worth it i'll do it. But if i think it's pointless or conveluted, screw it. Also hard to find a game were i can trully be evil instead of just an jerkoff. On that note i wish i could be less whimsy when choosing good and be a little bit more normal.
  12. We get these type of choices from time to time, what's your code of conduct? In any conversation or Decision making, i'm usually neutral or rather pragmatic. Unless i'm provoked. As for my killing code, i'm almost always non-lethal unless there is no other way.....or i get mad.
  13. It's going to be nice to finally be able to play all the titles i missed last gen. Kinda tired of hearing people praise some games and not being able to join the fun.
  14. A happy Day is a yay. A flaccid day is nay.