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  1. OoT was indeed a hell of a game an all time classic for the history an adventure so deep that was so rare for its time on the N64 that's y I love it but I also enjoy the difficulty of majoras mask so I can't say I prefer one to the other plus TP was absolutely beautiful really well done.
  2. One just start playing the Zelda series so no one can really say anything to you, if you feel that the newer ones are are more enjoyable than the older ones then by all means that's your right . People like me on the other hand have great childhood experiences because of the older games so in my case I wouldn't trade the older ones for nothing. Actually right now has we speak I'm playing OoT on my samsung galaxy note 3 because I can't get tired of this game
  3. Been waiting so long for this game like most of one guys I'm really exited to
  4. I love OoT, so that's y TP is my favorite of all time
  5. As many of one may have heard the xbox one and play station 4 consoles will not be playable online on launch date. That is not till after there first official update. In my opinion it would be wise to hold off buying a new console on till there are games worth buying for them which won't be on till mid 2014. My advice on off for now and enjoy your xbox 360's and ps3's
  6. Oh you got that right. Although the ds zelda are pretty intertaining
  7. If your down to play some gta online?? Add me on psn user name is on my profile just say ajsa and I'll add
  8. This forum is to discuss which zelda game is the greatest of all time Write down your opinion I would love to hear about it