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  1. http://www.gameinformer.com/games/alien_isolation/b/xboxone/archive/2014/01/07/alien-isolation-could-be-the-one-we-ve-been-waiting-for.aspx?PostPageIndex=1I found this article about the game on Gameinformer. I really want this to the game it looks like it will be.
  2. I just found out some information that makes me a little more worried about this game. Apparently The Creative Assembly is developing this game. These are the guys who made Total War: Rome 2. Now they have made other good Total War games but I don't know how this team will do based on the fact that they have really only developed strategy games and their most recent game was.... not that good.
  3. Im feeling optimistic about the game. While Colonial Marines was obviously a complete can of crap, the recent AVP game was really good. I loved it. I hope they can just make the aliens game that I've always wanted with this one, and it looks like that might be the case.
  4. According to a article on Kotaku, a new aliens game is being made and being published by Sega called Alien: Isolation. The game will star Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, and has a large focus on melee combat and survival horror aspects. It is also meant to feel more like the original Alien film. What are your guys' thoughts on this?
  5. Yeah, I remember you man! Glad to see someone I know on the AG forums.
  6. I've been following the game for a while now and I really love giant monsters! I really hope they succeed!
  7. The most broken game iv'e played is probably Ride To Hell: Retribution.
  8. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/14214732/colossal-kaiju-combat-expanded-and-upgraded-ouya (OUYA kickstarter incase anyone is interested) http://kaijucombat.com/wiki/doku.php?id=ckc_monster_list (monster list for the game) I was wondering if anyone here had heard of a new PC game coming out called Colossal Kaiju Combat. It's a game being made by a company called Sunstone games and the team includes lots of people who worked on the trio of Godzilla games that came out in the last 10 years. The cool part about the game is that it's meant to be a franchise not just one game and you can mix and match content from each of the games you buy in the franchise. It's like lego's but in a video game format! If you buy 2 games, game A and game B, then you can use characters from game A in game B and vice versa!! Also, no only do they have some really awesome looking original monster concepts that are all made partly by members of the community but they also have plans to get licenses from other kaiju franchises like Godzilla and Gamera!!!!! They also have a kickstarter going on right now to bring the entire franchise to OUYA so that they can broaden their audience.
  9. I'm not upgrading for at least another year. I want to see how the PS4 and the XBOX ONE compare after launch.
  10. I'm really excited for Enemy Within. I loved Enemy Unknown and was always hoping they would make an expansion of some kind. The mechs are going to be awesome!!!!!
  11. Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite games!!!!!!